Upgrading my FX-6100?

So recently I have been overhauling my entire rig, and now I have come to upgrading the CPU. I already have a nice motherboard (Sabertooth R2.0) and I was wondering if it would be worth grabbing an 8350? Or if I switched to Intel, would something like a 3770k or 3570k be worth it? 4670k? Or would an overclocked 8350 give me similar rendering and gaming performance?

Go for the 8350. Much better than the 3570k and 3770k imo. The 8350 will give simular rendering times as the 3770k. The 3770k will only give better rendering when you overclock it to 4.6ghz or more. But then again you could get your 8350 to 5ghz with the sabertooth.

Yeah it sounds like I'm going with the 8350. That way I would still have money for a custom loop (;

You got the one of the best motherboards for OC. Get 8350 with custom loop and you set for 5ghz easily. No point going to intel anymore unless you upgrading from a cpu from 5 years ago.