Upgrading my cpu and gpu few questions

Hello all hope this is in the right place 

Im currently looking to upgrade a few parts to my pc but thought i best had ask the experts first before i make a few mistakes and quite possibly break something

At the moment i plan to upgrade my CPU (i5-2500 Quad Core 3.30GHz 6MB Cache)

and my GPU (gtx 560 TI 2gb)

so far ive got my eyes set on this for my CPU fits into my motherboard the Asus P8H67-MLE as far as i can tell (please tell me if im wrong)

but the big question is the GPU im looking to well make it future proof to say for the likes of the new battlefield and the many games to come out (loving E3 but my wallet wont) Im a fan of nvidia just because thats what ive had for years but im open to AMD cards

Ill mostly be hoping to play games on max settings or as close as i could while maybe streaming some aswell 

My Power supply is a CORSAIR 650W ENTHUSIAST SERIES™ TX650 willing to upgrade it aswell if needed but its done me well so far

EDIT- forgot to add my Budget im looking to spend around 400-500 of  my finest english pounds

No need to upgrade your CPU; it's already strong enough... especially if gaming is your main concern.  I would suggest you allocate your money to a beefier GPU.  I'd recommend something like the HD 7950 or the HD 7970.  Here's links to the particular models I suggest...

HD 7950:


HD 7970:


Then I would suggest that you invest the cash you have leftover into a SSD.  Something like this would give your PC a breath of life like no other...

Samsung 840 250gb SSD:


Thank you i shall look into them and see what suits me.

Much appreciated

I agree with Deus Ares. For gaming your CPU is fine. Spend your money on the GPU and an SSD. I personally like NVIDA because of Physx. I believe Physx is great and AMD/ATI should have access to it too… but business and money is always at the forefront of industry :( If you haven't join the club of SSD, you don't know what you're missing. Unfortunately you will have to do a fresh install and change some of your preferences and save locations (Game installs, Desktop, Downloads, My Documents, My Music…ect) to default on your secondary drive. But trust me, without a doubt—you will notice the performance increase.

Aye ive been very much looking into SSD and need to do a fresh reinstall of windows soon anyway so might be the perfect excuse to get one

might pick up one in the next month or so when i get around to buying the GPU aswell