Upgrading Monitors

I want to Upgrade my monitor setup.
I currently have two monitors: a 23 inch 16:9 LED Monitor Series 5, and 19 inch 4:3 old dell LCD.
I want to upgrade to a 144hz main monitor and mount both monitors off the desk.

The mount I’ve seen is : VisionMount Desktop Clamp 3 Monitor Arm
How good is that as a mounting option, or is there a better solution.

For the main monitor: What i have seen that is reasonably good is: AOC 23.8in IPS FHD 144Hz Monitor

For the secondary monitor: I usually use it to either have things like a browser window on the side or running a second game client. I would like to have a 16:9 aspect that can be mounted off the desk.

I have that mount in a two monitor config.

Its alright. You get tons of flexibility but with that comes the problems of getting things straight and even. If that is something that bothers you. Like if you move one monitor to say show something onscreen to someone. then getting it back to the position it was in prior not so easy.

Also of note. if your desk is up against a wall then you may have problems getting the monitors to be far enough away as the 2 segment arms have the bend going away from the front of the desk. This may be of no concern if you are going for a three monitor set up.

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I’ll post a picture of my desk, I don’t move my monitors very much, most times because the stand is in the way.

Front facing:

The back, about 20cm (8 inch) between the back and the wall at the moment, i have space to move it forward.

Have you looked at 1 big monitor vs 3?

You’re spot on, I’ve had the same monitor too and that happened.

There’s isn’t that much space for legs below the desk. If you’re planning on keeping the desk, maybe consider getting a single 4k/5k or a 1440p ultrawide.

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I’ve though about it, but i do like having a second monitor i can have on the side, though do you have any suggestions on a monitor like that @144hz ?

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