Upgrading monitor?

I had a thread created about this a bit ago on fixing the resolution, and while that has been fixed, I am still not 100% on using the plasma as a computer monitor. Basically I have a 42" Panasonic plasma (P42ST30), and while I do love the TV to death, being used as a monitor presents some issues. For one, it is being used as a computer monitor only now, which means I am sitting 2' away from it, and you definitely notice the heat. I LOVE the image quality, viewing angles, impossibly quick and smooth image refresh speeds, and obviously size. 

The problems I am having are again, the heat which quickly builds up in my smaller room, the screen size does lead to eye fatigue after a while, and another interesting issue is that when using it for web browsing, I notice text will get blury for a second, then sharpen back up, as if the TV is trying to process it a few times every minute to figure out what is going on. That or it is the anti-burn-in kicking in. This again leads to eye fatigue, and can be a bit annoying for computing use. For gaming and movies though, it is absolutely brilliant. Then there is the worry about burn in as well, which is what is making me look at going to a 27" monitor.

The ones I have been looking at so far have been the ASUS MX279H, VG27AH, VS278Q-P, and ASUS VG248QE. I really like the idea of a 27" as it seems it won't be such a big step down, but the VG248QE seems to get some amazing reviews. I do have a window that can cause glare, and with LCD not having as much brightness as the plasma, having a matte finished display seems hugely beneficial. 

Basically I want a computer monitor to handle 60FPS gaming just fine, have good viewing angles, a really good image and bright image quality, and not be a huge bother with a window. I know it is a lot to ask for, but honestly if it wasn't for the worries about burn in, text blurring, and heat, I would just keep the plasma (mostly the first 2). Oh, and eye fatigue, but I am not sure what is leading to that yet....

You won't get good viewing angles with a TN monitor (VG248QE and VS278Q-P).

Might want to consider this one


Why would I want that one over the ASUS MX279H though when the ASUS is cheaper and sexier?

ASUS is cheaper


Dell UltraSharp U2312HM - $224.99

ASUS MX279H - $349.99

As you can see from this review, U2312 is very color accurate after calibration. I can't find such a detailed review on Asus.


Dell U2312 also has a very good stand that lets you adjust the display in every direction as opposed to Asus one only being able to tilt. Also, U2312 doesn't have any gloss which means it won't be as easy to scratch and will generally look good for a considerably longer time.This practical approach seems much sexier to me.

Sorry, for some reason I was researching a 27" Dell vs the ASUS for the price comparison...long day!

Wow! So I did a lot of research on that thing, and I have to hand it to Dell. Honestly never thought I would EVER own a Dell product, but that monitor gets nothing but stellar reviews, and I think it might just work perfectly for me. I am having a real hard time resisting the urge to press the 'Buy now' button on Amazon.

So I just ordered the Dell U2312 and just set it up. So far, the frist thing that is going to be a bit of a change is obviously the huge difference in size. This isn't a completely bad thing though, as everything is much easier to find on the monitor without moving my head. Played a quick round of Black Ops 2, and I have to admit, I play a lot better with this monitor than I did on my TV thanks to me not having to look all over the place for the same field of view.

As far as the picture quality, well, I am missing nothing. The quality is amazing, and the thing is extremely quick. Even the matte anti-glare finish is actually very pleasing to me. Pure white background websites look good, and I have no complaints on 'grain', and really am enjoying the glare free experience. 

Overall, I can not recommend this thing enough, especially for the price! Never thought I would ever buy a Dell product, but I have to admit, I am sold at least on their monitor line. Good call on this recommendation!