Upgrading microphone / audio setup, advice needed, what to buy?

For example:

Some Lavs worth looking at would be the Rode SmartLav+, Shure MVL, Sennheiser ME-II, And Audio Technica ATR-3350.

These are all terminated with 3.5mm, the only thing I would question is power requirements. These use whats called bias power (vs the 48V Phantom power seen on other mics, usually the full size mics but also AT lavs [ATR-3350 is self powered with a battery]). Many audio recorders can manage this, but in your case it’s going to depend on what interface you’re using.

Higher end options, something that would pair nicely with a full audio interface would be something like the AT803.

Sony Lavs are also quite good (I mean, they invented the darn things) and they have some options below the 200 USD mark, but I don’t know much about them.

I 2nd your reply on scarlett(s) working seamlessly, on every os i try. also I have had a great experience with mackie black jack onyx, felt it sounded better, but needs additional gain…

sound deadening under/on/around any/everything possible. rubber feet, gromits, foam desk pads all go a long ways… mics with extremely directional patterns are at least worth investigating… or think sports broadcast announcing.

I personally use a Behringer UMC 202 and it works great on Windows and Pop_os for me. I usually pair it with my PDMIC78 Wich is actually a really cheap dynamic mic that works pretty good. I personally wood stay away from the Yeti USB mics simply cause they do tend to pick up more background noise. Anyways you can check out Podcastage YouTube channel he actually recently maid a video about budget podcasting mics which you can check out here


All in all I would say look into getting an audio interface that will work for you and a dynamic mic so you won’t pick up as much background noise. I personally like the Behringer cause you can plug your headphones in and have live monitoring while playing back audio from the PC and it also has a button on it so that you can hear in stereo what you have plugged into the audio interface which some only allow to here in mono, unless you have something plugged into both channels.