Upgrading mb, cpu and ssd for 400€

Yes! Euros!

I currently have the following specs:

AMD Phenom II x4 955 on an AM3(not AM3+) board, cooled by a Mugen 2 with two fans.

12GB of DDR3 RAM

Lots of HDDs

GTX 570 2.5GB (which can only supply 2 out of 3 attached displays with a signal at a time, even though i want two to be cloned. damn it nvidia)

(and an Asus Xonar Essence STX with AKG 701, not that that's hugely relevant)


Now, i have 400€ and a wish to get a SSD (i am looking at the Samsung 840 pro 256GB). I might want to get a new CPU (and MB as all the current CPUs don't support my old socket anymore), if the budget allows for it. While doing so, I'd prefer to switch to the Intel camp for a number of reasons, including the virtualization features and the nice chipsets. Having SSD-Caching and a non-realtek NIC on the MB would be nice, the onboard sound doesn't matter much to me (for obvious reasons).

Anything decent possible with my budget?

I'm not much into overclocking, so a locked CPU is not that much of a dealbreaker for me.

+100 to the person who can present a nice upgrade plan to me that leaves money to put on top of the value of my 570 to buy a 670 with. (I know it's quite unrealistic)


tl;dr give me the world for a penny

get the normal samsung 840 ssd its a little cheaper I would say go for a fx 8350 and a asrock 970 motherboard.  For the 570 I would say it is good enough for now and wait for the 760 or save for the 770.  If you really want intel get an i5 but it will be cutting it close on the budget

i know its out of your budget, but i was thinking on a upgrade like this.


but its depending on what further hardware you have right now  which ram and which psu..

grtz Angel ☺