Upgrading laptop

I need a new laptop because my old one is outdated and i need some help figuring out which type of laptop to buy. I would like to spend around $1000 or lower and it will be used for internet browsing and maybe light gaming (Possibly LOL or minecraft, at 40-60 fps maybe) and i would like to be able to put windows 8 64x on it with 4gb of ram and 320 - 500 gb hdd and Possibly a sd card reader and a webcam. My old laptop was a hp compaq nc8430 which managed to play games like minecraft and LOL and mass effect 2 at a reasonable frame rate but seens as it has no battery and is unusable i cant use it.  If u can help thanks if not thanks anyways 

Lenovo Y10P

Can i buy this in New zealand ?

Unless you can find the y510p (about 1050 USD) for a good deal then get it even though it will be super overkill for what you want you could instead get this one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834312438

It will play LoL on high with 60fps has a 1080p screen, only downside is there is no disk drive if you really wanted one and all for about 850 USD