Upgrading, is there an easier way?

I am looking to upgrade my CPU and Motherboard.

I have ben told that I will need to format all my drives and do a fresh install? Is there an easier way?

My current OS is on an SSD and my other apps are on another SSD. Do I really need to format everything and start again?

Thanks in advance

If you upgrade parts you need to update the existing windows installation with this new information. Windows will try and fix this for you (if it boots, that is) and start to install new drivers and it's hardware manager will tell you some drivers are not working, because the hardware was not found.

But depending on the hardware and installed software, complications may arise. I'm not saying that will happen, just that there is a risk things might not work as you want them to when you start using the programs again. Reinstalling is a boring, but easy way to make sure everything is back at zero again. 

Installed applications need to be reinstalled after you install windows on a formatted drive. Having applications on a separate partition, or on a separate drive, will not prevent you from having to reinstall all your applications, just so you know.

In case you're worried about savegames, documents etc. I recommend that you find out where they are located and back them up on a USB drive. Most games and apps store the information you want to persist from install to install in the C:\Users\YourUser\ folder. Placing the contents of that folder back after reinstalling the software is one step in restoring your persistent information.


Hey, thanks so much for the reply. It all makes sense.

Reinstalling is only an issue in terms of time and download speed.

Reinstalling steam, Origin, downloading all the games etc.. then on top of that installing software again, Photoshop..

Thanks again.

This might help with the Origin schtuff:




Just to make clear, it's not impossible to backup your data > replace parts > boot up > check out installed drivers / delete old ones and go about your day. You can try it out and if it don't work > reinstall everything.