Upgrading graphics Card

I have a pc that has the following
Core i5 4460
Msi h81e33 motherboard
(2×8gb) G.Skill ram
1 tb hard drive
750 corsair smi modular power supply
This horrible graphics card by PowerColor (R9 380) that seems to be breaking down only after 1 month of use.
I dont really care if you tell me which side to choose between nvidia and amd i jusy want a great graphics card that can run the games i play at 60 fps or perfereble higher

Sapphire 390 or Sapphire Fury are solid cards.
EVGA 980 or 980ti of some sort are also solid options.

It's a bit odd that a GPU would start "breaking down" after only 1 month.

GTX 970/R9 390 would probably be my pick.

How much are you willing to spend?
Also i would contact powercolor and send it in for RMA.
Wenn you get a replacement card, you can always sell it.

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I wouldn't recommend a 970 when you can get a 390 for pretty much the same price and get better performance (particularly with dx12, at least from the articles i've seen so far). I'd only recommend a 970 if you can't live without gameworks... and even then it's a stretch imo. Really I'd RMA the PowerColor and wait until the new GPUs launch.


What exactly is wrong with the 380?

My R9 Randomly black outs as if there were no gpu plugged in i have the gpu supported and all but it does not even reread the card

Are you using display port?


Are your drivers up to date?

Yes they are it just andomly statted to do this

Okay I asked because I have had issue will DP connection dropping out or being strange in my 290 and others have said the same about a few AMD cards and DP. A driver change fixed it for me, it was a single driver issue. I have not looked into it but I would expect that some lingering issues might still be present. Might want to try a few different drivers to see if that fixes it or changes it.

Can you make the issue happen reliably and repeatedly.

If you can then there will be easy ways to test it. Namely make the issue happen, swap drivers try again until issue stops if at all.

I would also recommend full GPU driver clean out with DDU when swapping to get clean results. Don't just overwrite drivers when installing.

Control Panel > Programs & Features > AMD/Catalyst install manager > uninstall and reboot > Boot to safe mode > Run DDU which auto reboots when done > install new driver and reboot > Test >Repeat till fixed or all options exhausted within reason.

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I just uninstalled now just installed the new drivers hopefully this works

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Yes driver issues seems likely as a cause here

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Thabks everyone for the help ill be sure to put another post if this happens again

Welli downloaded the recommended drivers and it did not work still it just black screened again

The drivers all the way back to 15.3 ish are all useable and good which is why I said exhaust all options within reason. There are quite a few drivers to try in that space. There are alos the new beta 16.3 ones. I am running the current beta and all is well. so are a few people round here so they are ready fro use have no fear.

I was running the 16.3 ones and i just finishedngoing through all those other drivers from 15.3 ish

That was quick. DDU and all?

Yes i think ibhave to replace this GPU