Upgrading Gaming PC *Need Help*

My PC specs are
Mobo: ASUS M5 A97 R2.0
PSU: CX500
GPU: Sapphire HD 7950 3GB
CPU: FX-6300
1 TB of storage
I'm wanting to add some things maybe even change out some things if necessary. I'm also looking for a good SSD to put into the system no more than around 250GB because I'm just going to put on a couple of games and Windows on it. My budget would be no more than 400$ I would like to stay around 300$.
Last but not least the PC is used for surfing the web and Gaming. I hope i covered most questions

I'd recommend a 960 and 8320. Then if you could get a hyper 212 evo. You might be able to get an SSD. But you could sell your cpu and you and get some money from that. But I'd recommend going with an SSD for programs and operating systems. Putting steam games on the SSD would be worthless. At least in my opinion.

Is it possible to buy another sapphire 7950

Buy Internal hard disk 1tb & 250 GB SSD.

Not with your current PSU. Gonna need se more power if you wanna run Crossfire.

Heres an 250gb SSD for 119.99us

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/gpHGVn is the GPU here more efficient/ better than running crossfire 7950 because I'll be able to sell my GPU or I can also sell my mobo and CPU and buy the rest of the parts

I agree with @Noburt steam games on ssd are not worth it, and an ssd is going to give you the biggest feeling of an upgrade. The Samsung SSD's, 840's or 850's, are well worth it. If you look for deals you can get a 250gb for $100.

The GPU you have in your PC Part picker is about $100 more than what was recommended, if you are bumping up your budget than yeah get the 970. At this point you would be better off getting a single GPU than going crossfire IMO. For what it's worth you can look at these benchmarks to get a general idea, although not a complete picture, of the performance of cards:


Do you live near a Microcenter? If so I would recommend checking out their cpu/mobo bundles. Even with tax it can be pretty competitive. I have been running an 8350 with a hyper 212 evo for a while now and am really happy with the pairing for the price.

SSD $100
GPU $320
CPU/Mobo $223
Cooler $30

You would need to pitch in $400 and sell your current mobo/cpu and GPU for $270, which shouldn't be too hard. Although I haven't looked at what those are selling for recently. I would update pcpartpicker to include an ssd so you have the complete picture.

Thank you for the help and I was wondering if I could just use the Fx-8320 CPU in the Mobo I already have

Id just grab something like a samsung 850 evo sdd of xxxGB and save whatever money is left for your next upgrade - be it the gpu or the socket platform.

I'm gonna have to agree with deejeta.

Ignore everyone else. If you're a gamer, "upgrading" to an 8 core vishera and a mid grade maxwell will just be a side grade and a waste of money.

Buy a decent size SSD, or a couple of cheaper, smaller size, SSDs for raid 0, and see the difference. Save the rest of the money for a GPU upgrade in June/July.

deejeta is right, the ssd would be the best thing to do for your system right now. If you are going to overhaul the platform I don't think you would be happy long term with moving from the 6300 to the 8320/50.

I personally use a Samsung 850 Evo 250gb for booting and may i recommend it completely. and the left over money should maybe go toward an r9 280, a great upgrade and a solid card for 1080p gaming that has dropped in price because of the Bit Coin mining craze.

i would say upgrade the GPU first to lets say a Sapphire 290 (x) TriX OC.
Or wait for the 300 series from AMD.
Then save some money, and upgrade your cpu + mobo, to an 4690k + Z97 board.

You could also just upgrade to an SSD for now, And save a bit more money, for a cpu + mobo, and GPU upgrade later on.