Upgrading from x58 to z170

I've gotten the itch to upgrade my pc but found myself stuck at a cross roads with the motherboard.
I've checked out logical increments and was thinking about the two mother boards in the Enthusiast section as well as the EVGA z170 FTW. Just looking for some input considering there isn't much information out there regarding the EVGA compared to the others.

Purpose of the PC is mostly gaming but also serves as my media center.
CPU : Intel i5 6600k
CPU Cooler : be quiet! Dark Rock 3
Memory : G.Skill TridentZ Series 16gb DDR4-3200

Already have the following
PSU : Seasonic x-850 80 plus gold
Case : Silverstone FT02
Storage : Crucial MX100 256 gb + 750 gb hdd
GPU : AMD R9 290

Budget on the mother board is max 200 though i'm not sure how over kill that is for gaming and doing an oc on the processor.

Any other suggestions are welcome. Thank You

What cpu do you have no? Is it actually causing you any issues?

To get a decent OC motherboard it usually only takes about $125-150 I wouldn't spend much more than that especially since you're only using an i5

It mainly comes down to feutures your prefer.
for example do you like intel lan or killer lan and such.
Or color theme.
There are allot of decent Z170 boards that are in your price bracket for that matter.