Upgrading from an AMD 6300, it is worth it?

If you wanted to upgrade get 4 GB more ram and an 8350. You could get a 280 probably and not have many if any issues. I dunno if a 380 would be throttled at all though.

Instead of spending money on a new CPU and motherboard/ram, you would be better off water cooling what you have and buying a R9 290X and water cooling that as well. Most modern games are GPU bound if you are playing anything made within the last 3-5 years.

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Grab a Fury, or a couple of 290/390s. Wait for the new AMD CPUs and see what's best after that.

Would be nice if Zen came out and amd released details on how to unlock the 6300's disabled module:)

They wouldn't ever do that, amd stopped caring about the consumers a while ago, and me and you both know that they don't want to lose anymore revenue :)

I made the jump from an FX-6300 to an i5-4670K a while back and I did notice an improvement in some of my games. Mind you this was back before the z97 chipset and I was under the impression that the z87 wound accept broadwell for an upgrade path. gritting teeth But I'm not bitter..... My FX6300 is my File server cpu now and has been running rather well, considering it's the top 2nd cpu in the house since the wife wanted to stay on a laptop i7-720qm... meh, I tried. I'm sure going to skylake should give you a noticeable boost even with the i5.

you'd have to get a motherboard capable of core unlocking..

Where would you get one of these?

At this point I think I might just wait a while, I like the 6300 and it's performed incredibly well as well as being one hell of an overclocker! I'm probably just going to wait until zen comes out and see if Intel has a rebuttal to that, and if not I'll go with whatever is best at the time :)

Probably for the best, the 6300 may not be the best chip out there, but it's good enough to run everything I've thrown at it. Reason I went z87 at the time, instead of just upgrading my board at the time, was that I was given an mSATA SSD and I couldn't find an AMD board that had mSATA, only intel still not sure if any AMD based board use it at all.. but then I've yet to see them use M.2 either. It's all Intel for that. Maybe mini-PCIe on an FM2 or FM2+, mostly for wifi. I used to be an AMD fanboy, but after the AM2 Phenom series I felt let down. AMD is getting slower and slower at adopting newer technologies. Hell the 900-series chipsets are what 3-4 years old.. FM2+ is nearing 2 I think (I could be wrong there.)
Granted It's enough power to run about anything out there but not much in advancement. Here's to hoping Zen bring them at least up to date, but I'm not holding my breath on that.

Ooops rambling and off topic. Best idea, if what you have works, keep it. If you want to upgrade go for it, but keep in mind the money spent to go to the skylake, you'll need the cpu, board and memory but a good GPU might cost less.

As for core unlocking, I haven't seen that since the Phenom II era. Early AM3 boards (700 and 800 series chipsets mostly) had that trick to unlock disabled cores.. but that was before the 2 core per module set up. I've got one of those boards with a PhenomII x4 965, but it oftem disables a core for some odd reason. Most the boards I know that have that feature don't support the FX series.

Look to the future (as best as you can, my crystal ball's netflix subscription ran out and now sucks smirk) figure out what you want to do, what fits your budget best, what will works best for you and do that.

I don't believe there are any in the am3+ series of motherboards which is why I pointed it out.

Currently I'm just sticking with the 6300 for the moment, I might upgrade to Zen or the new Intel line if they prove to work well

Realistically though I wouldn't imagine the two extra cores inside or my 6300 would be too reliable, considering it was binned to a 6300 in the first place

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