Upgrading from an AMD 6300, it is worth it?

Hey Tek Syndicate, I'm currently rocking an AMD 6300 CPU and was curious if it's worth it for gaming to buy the new Intel I-5 that just came out. I plan on doing a full water cooling loop soon and didn't know if I should get that before upgrading my PC or doing that now.

Depends what are the specifications of your PC and how much are you willing to spend to upgrade.

I'd be looking at putting around 500 dollars into parts at this point, I was also thinking of getting the 9590 and putting that under water. Have any ideas what would work best?

in my opinnion its worth it but it depends on your current gpu.
FX9590 doesnt make any sense, because its nothing more then just an overclocked FX8350 basicly.
It will get beaten by a 6600k in gaming.

What's in the rest of your system exactly?

like your graphics card, PSU and RAM?

antec 620 watt psu, AMD 7970, 8gbs ram

I'm using an AMD 7970, what do you think?

ehh If i were you i'd do it.

the 7970 is still an excellent card and pretty relevant card. (It beats the R9-380 across the board) [to give you a mental picture]

I personally would upgrade the CPU, Motherboard and RAM. by all means go for the upgrade. grab a 6600k, a good enough z170 board and 8GIBs of DDR4 ram (they run for like 50ish dollars now)

if you have upgrade planned for the gpu in the future then its worth it.
in terms of performance in games, you will see some gains in cpu demending games aswell. especialy mmo´s and such.

basicly a FX6300 + 7970 is not a bad combo either.

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I have an Idea for what I want to upgrade GPU wise, right now though I really just want to watercool everything

well yeah as far as i can make up from your story you have some major plan´s with your system.
i think upgrading to skylake would be worth it for that.
It will give you a very nice base platform to build up with, you can re-use your current gpu,
and upgrade that to a more highend one down the road.

That's what I was originally thinking, thanks for the help!

7970 is pretty balanced with the 6300 an i5 will give you a boost in a few games but not many, especially if you run anything in the background like i do such as keeping chrome open etc then there won't be much difference at all.

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In all honesty, I wouldn't recommend settling for anything less then a 6700k. An i5 won't too much of a boost and would cost you an additional $400 or so for an upgrade which would present you with so little.

As a former Fx 6300 owner here is a video bit.ly/1QiBUtj.Copy the link nothing malicious about it.


well in my opinnion the 6600k will give him a significant gain in performance asoon as he upgrades his gpu.
But also with the current 7970 he will see some gains in cpu demending games like mmo´s and such, or heavy multiplayer.

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If you are set on watercooling, then I would advise you to decide what you want to do as far as that goes and then go from there. It would be a good bit cheaper to drop a 8350 into your current mobo than to get a new mobo and a 6600k. If you have the money for it, then sure, why not? However, I don't think that you will have all that much left over after getting a rad, pump, and a block for your cpu and gpu (assuming you want to watercool the gpu as well). Both the 6300 and the 8350 would pair rather well with the 7970, but the 6600k would give you more room later on for future gpu upgrades. That said, with DX12 and Vulkan on the horizon, the cpu aspect may become less important than it is now, especially if you plan on using resolutions over 1080p.

P.s. 8350s appreciate the watercooling.

A 8350 overclocked wouldn't be be bad with a 7970. That the set up I had previous to my current very capable set up other ten it's held back in a few games. I would recommend grabbing an i5 that you can overclocked and it would be better over all.

I shall probably water cool my system first, then get the 6600K later, Water cooling has just been something that I've wanted to do for a while now.

well basicly you could ofc do watercooling first.
However if you do watercooling now, and you have plan´s to upgrade your platform anyway,
then it might be better to upgrade first.
Because otherwise you put allot of work in the watercooling stuff, and have to take everything appart again wenn upgrading.

its just an idea.