Upgrading CPU concerns (Windows 10)

Hey guys, so in the next week or two I will be upgrading to an AMD 8350 from my AMD 6300. The problem is that I heard that if you change your CPU, your Windows 10 gets deactivated. When I talked to a Mocrosoft employee he said that "Changing the CPU is like building a new PC". Is it really though? Also he said the only way to get Windows 10 again is to install my old copy of Windows 7 then do the upgrade process again, which requires wiping my only hard drive. Any explanation to this would be appreciated. :)

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It should be changing the motherboard, not the CPU. If you are worried, there are guides to backing up your activation for these things on the internet.

That's what I'm trying to tell this employee. It should just be the motherboard. Or at least it used to. Would you happen to have a link to how to back up the activation or should I go to the trusted friend Google?

I would look on the googles, apparently through word of mouth, @Kiaxa has swapped his processor before and not lost activation.

Yes as long as you are keeping the same motherboard Windows won't care

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Okay, because this employee is pissing me off to no end. Although he does not seem to speak English real well so maybe that should be a sign. Thanks. I will try to backup this activation first just in case. Thanks for the help!

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