Upgrading corsair h100i stock fans

So I just got the corsair h100i.  At first I was disappointed in the performance until I realized that the fans were set to a VERY low rpm.  So I decided to ramp them up a bit to 1300 rpm, which kept watch dogs (my most heat intensive application) and a nice comfortable 46c while streaming.  The problem here is the audible sound these fans make at 1300 rpm!  (Let alone 2700 rpm which they ramp up to every time my pc starts or comes off sleep, meanwhile the corsair link program crashes on waking but alas I digress).  So I was thinking of ordering 2 noctua nf-f12 fans to run at 1300 rpm whenever gaming, but before I take the plunge on these fans, anybody here think it's a good idea?  BTW, they are on sale at NCIXUS.com right now for 14.99 each.  Thanks guys! 

watched a few vids, and at max RPM (1300) the noctuas at a 4.8 ghz OC were 3c warmer than the stock fans at 2700 rpm.  Difference obviously high in the auditory department.

They [Noctua] also have the new Industrial fans that spin faster but carry much of the silence over.