Upgrading and need help

I have £80 i need a case should i buy the nzxt phantom 630 and save for a cpu cooler (hyper 212 evo)



save for the nzxt sitch 810


or should i buy a different case completely, although i want a full tower preferably as im thinking of water cooling.

Also does anyone use fan controlers and are the worth the money compared to an included fan controler.

i would personally take the phantom 630 :)

really need so more advice and hard stone reasons

Favourite case is STILL fractal design Define r4 with window. But... that would be your budget gone in one purchase. Its tough cause you dont want to sacrifice build quality but anything under the region of £50 is just rubbish in terms of quality. I personally always buy silence oriented cases but thats just me. If your looking at NZXT cases im not much help as the only case i have received from them is the H440 black/red and i struggled to even find minor problems with it. Sadly i have had no experience with the Switch series but i can link you to a case i do like at a reasonable price. 


The thermaltake Urban S31

At £60 its quite cheap and aesthetically it is beautiful. I love the sleek look. I did a build for a friend in this case and the only problem i had was that it felt sort of cheap. It might just be me so dont let it put you off i just felt that the materials didn't have that feel of real quality. Nonetheless it is a nice case.

I could recommend a couple other cases if that would be of help ;) 

Thanks for the reply and im willing to spend all the lot as ill have so more soon for upgrading.

I do like the H440 however it doesnt include an optical drive bay and i sort of need one.

Also that thermaltake is nice :)

Suppose if you really needed 5 and a quarter inch bays you could buy an external enclosure but that can be a bit awkward.

As a new H440 owner I have to say that the case is exceptional for its size, and with the money you can save by buying one you could pick up an external reader. I now realize how rarely I used my optical drive. Just a thought.