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Upgrading a system with software raid's from Win 7 to Win 10

Hello, I’m going to upgrade a system that has 2 software raid’s from Win 7 to Win 10.

My question, will a fresh install of Win 10 recognise software raids setup previously in Win 7 via disk management?

As I understand it, if I do an upgrade install the raids will carry over. I’m wanting to start fresh with a clean install.

Has anyone tried this with any success?

Thanks in advance, any information is greatly appreciated.

I dont think this is going to be feasible and retain function of the current setup/data. Use the backup and restore tool in windows.

You should really avoid using the software raid function entirely. Its not very fault tolerant.

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I just built a new gaming rig and was able to import the foreign disks to it just fine.

Basically I have 3 software RAID Array’s that have my huge Steam Library on, they are showing up just fine.

I think you have to use the Disk Manager to import the disks first then you should be able to access the software raid array.

I do remember having to import them when upgrading from Windows 7 onto Windows 8/8.1 and then onto Windows 10 from there.

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As long as they are pure software raid, so setup in disk management, and you are not booting from the raid, then either a fresh install or a upgrade should work no problem.

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Thanks guys, I’ll report back to let y’all know how it goes.

I have everything backed up already. So worse case I’ll just re establish the raids if things go south.

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Good luck!

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