Upgrades. Sound and Video Card



I've been content with my rig so far, it has been a year since I built. 

  • Intel Core i5 3570k
  • ASRock Z77 Extreme 4
  • Hyper 212 Evo
  • Seasonic X Series 750W
  • 16GB DDR3 (1600)
  • 128GB Crucial M4 [ Win7 ]
  • 1TB Western Digital Blue

I listen to a lot of music as well as watch many videos (HD) and movies. I held out on a video card and sound card because frankly I didn't need them at the time. But I wish to treat myself to some long awaited upgrades and am looking for advice and suggestions. I'm not a gamer but I do have a steam account with some games I occasionally play but gaming isn't really a concern right now. I also have an old mbox 2 mini from about '07 that I use to hook up my guitar and play using audacity. Any suggestions as far as hardware upgrades? 

I don't know much about soundcards, but how much were you wanting to spend on a new GPU?

well I want to spend something within reason. Like I said Gaming is not super important, I just need something that will be adequate for my use (HD videos, movies, light gaming, light video editing)

for your uses you really don't have any reason to upgrade anything

intel hd graphics are more than capable if you're not concerned with game performance

integrated sound is usually pretty good quality as long as it puts out enough amps to drive whatever you're playing