Upgradeing mother bord in dell gx620

ok, so dell has a custom ribbon io panel for the front of the pc and i would like to hook it into my new motherboard (intel DG965MSCK MBTX S775).  Is there a way to pick apart the ribbon cable so i can hook it in?.... it has the power button on it so i really need it to work lol 

Yeah you should be able to pull the ribbon apart and hook the wires into the I/O on the new mobo, when you do it though find out what each one does and label it or mark it so that you know where it needs to go on your new mobo since the configuration is bound to be different.

yes, but i was wondering if someone could find the wiring diagram so i KNOW what im cutting and splicing. the big reason i want the diagram is because the ribin cable has USB ports and power button and mic and headphone jack.....if i only knew what wires they were!!!!! i would do what you said above but i don't know what would happen if i accidentally hooked the USB to the power button IO....would make for a sweet way to turn it on tho....lol