Upgraded to ryzen 3k

upgraded my system today.
changed my mobo, and the cpu to a ryzen 3k something 6 core 12 threads(just a gamer pc).
Only problem i had was me being downright dumb, not noticing the new mobo only supported 2k series(yes i litterally debugged what was written in bold letters on the mobo box, feel free to laugh here), any who a bios update later pretty much just transplanted my old system(e.g bootdrive) to a new mobo/cpu and ubuntu just worked right out of the box.
besides my stupidity it was a painless transfer, other then a fstab entry and a sata cable later it just ran, no cpu issues at all. im really impressed, when did ryzen 3k series come out? 3-4 months ago maybe 5, and i updated my system 1 month ago roughly, and it just worked.
point of this post is a thumbs up to the linux kernel devs, good job.
Only issue i have is lshw reporting i upgraded to a “cpu” now, it really cant read the ryzen 3k’s, but mehhh
otherwise these chips just seems to run butter smooth.


I mean… it’s not wrong. :yum:

it’s really not, i did upgrade to a cpu.

What kernel are you running?

just the generic version.

if you jump to 5.3 it’ll have support for the newer ryzens.

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