Upgraded to Asus R9 270x 4gb, Graphics heavy games crash system

I recently bought an Asus R9 270x 4gb GPU from newegg to play Wolfenstein the New Order. Though I could actually play for several minutes which was an improvement, Wolfenstein continues to crash during the dogfighting combat forcing me to hard reset. I assumed it was just a wolfenstein issue.Tried to play Witcher 2 and I get the same crash every time I load an old save

I upgraded to Windows 8.1 to download the beta amd drivers. Ive tried playing both games as administrator and in windows 7 compatibility mode. Same crashing. Had no problem playing Witcher 2 on high with previous GPU, HIS HD5830

I have verified the cache in steam and reinstalled both games multiple times. I just reverted to the previous driver 14.4 and i still have the same issues. Ran the Heaven Benchmark on high with medium tessellation and no issues.

I don't know what to do differently. 



Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit

i7 930 2.8ghz

6gb RAM 1333

Asus R9 270x 4gb

Rosewill Green Series RG700-S12 700W

750bg 7200rpm & 2tb 7200rpm



Wolfenstein has some serious issues with AMD cards for some reason. I have NVIDIA and have no problems, but after reading some problems with AMD cards, I put in a 280 and it would hardly work at all. And like Cloud asked, what is your PSU?

Updated OP

Have you updated to the latest motherboard BIOS? (not sure if that would be a cause for the problem)

I have. they havent changed since i got the board a year ago


I have come to believe the fault lies with my PSU.

My friend has the same problem with a saphire r9 270 x 2gb and a bequiet 500w psu.

Would interest me if you find a solution .