Upgraded to a gtx 660 and now lower framerate?!

i just upgraded my gpu from a gtx 460 to a twin frozr gtx 660 OC, but for smoe reason my framerates are lower than they were with the other card. i have an FX-4170, gigabyte 970-ud3, and 16g of corsair vengeance blue. drivers are up to date, fresh install of windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, and i installed the msi software (afterburner) and updated that as well. the core and memory speed is running higher, but the framerates are lower and my games lag. any ideas?

your 660 lacks the required swag

the 460 would have been an upgrade from a 660 lol get a diff one


no the 660 is a lot better then a 460 the gtx 660 performs more like a gtx 570

i had an EVGA GTX 460 SE, and now im using the MSI twin frozr gtx 660 OC. drivers keep crashing, and lower framerates from a video card that is 3-4 years newer?! i had my 460 overclocked to 800mhz core and 200mhz memory. the 660 is stock at 1100mhz core (or so), and 3000+mhz memory. i heard msi was a good brand of video card, and that their afterburner software was good too. so far, im not impressed. fresh windows and drivers, but the video card drivers keep crashing too?! WTF ...

make sure you are using the official drivers and not beta ones.  You can also try to raise the power limit and drop the frequency as it may be boosting beyond stable clocks.  If that fixes it I would add voltage at stock clock and maybe a little OC.

Down grade your drivers. My brothers 660 has also been getting pretty shitty performance on the newer drivers.