Yesterday I went to the thrift store by my house and bought 2 computers ($10 for each). One works perfectly and the other one doesn't. Anyways, I was wondering If I could upgrade some of the parts. The mobo is a Dell Computer Corp 0M2035. The GPU is a Nvidia GeForce fx5200, and the CPU is a Intel Celeron Northwood 2.20ghz. I really just want a upgrade for the GPU and CPU. Thanks in advance.

UM........................................................i dont think thats worth upgrading......................

Well I do. It's just a little pet project of mine. Now can someone give me a legit answer unlike Mr.Hades. Thanks!

Mhhkay, dont know how much ram you have/what ram, but you could put the ram from the dead pc and add it to the working one/make it work. If you end up with 2plus gb ram you can run win 7/8 and browse the web. You could get a good pentium 4 for a cpu, you can get them for 1 $ on ebay ( i threw away some and delidded another a few months ago for fun). Not really worth buying a new video card if the 5200 is enough for the basic needs and nothing for a buck jumps at you.

Other then that you could stuff it in a funny case or a aquarium with mineral for your entertainment, hide it behind the tv and use it for the occasional youtube cat video/picture show/somewhat illegal or legal movie stream or hide it in the kitchen along with a stripped 4/3 19 inch monitor for 10 bucks and use it for recipes or as a distraction while waiting for the damn milk to get hot.

Thank you Mr.Rolling Potato! Your post was pretty helpful and I found the parts I needed. Now I'm gonna order them! THANKS!