Upgrade?! what to get?!

ive got money burning  ahole im my pocket.


what should i aquire next for my pc.

specs are as follows


asus P8p67pro mobo.

intel i7 2600k 4.4ghz

gainward phantom 580 3gb

sasung830 ssd

seagate storage

NZXT m59 case

OCZ 700w psu

Arctic freezer 13 cooler

16GB gskill rippjaws x 1600mhz


what should i upgrade next.

the 580 is beast enough for my dual 1080p setup.

the 4.4ghz OC is pointless but fun. 

16gb of ram never gets used.

everything runs cool.


so whats next!?

Get a better CPU cooler. I would go with either a Noctua NH-D14, Phanteks PH-TC14PE, Corsair H100, or an XSPC Rasa kit.

A new case wouldn't be a bad idea either.

im happy with both the components you mention, the cooler keeps the 2600k under 60c at 100% folding load and the case is a case, all my cables are managed and out the way.  :/

Well, I don't know why you're looking to upgrade then. There's really nothing else to upgrade unless you want to get rid of that PSU (OCZ PSUs are terrible) or grab a high quality sound card and some really nice speakers.

I have to agree, the only thing that i can see missing from that rig is a decent soundcard, I didn't think a soundcard made that much of a difference but I was pleasantly surprised (and at that, I only got a lowend one). 

If thats your current system and you're looking to upgrade because you simply have too much money, buy yourself a nice car, or perhaps donate something to a charity.

I would agree, not much to upgrade there. atleast wait for haswell and a new GFX lineup.. 

psu needs upgrading, id like a fully modular one Recomendations?!?

and  anew cooler possibly a d14 

ive also been looking at the xonar essence ST/STX soundcards.