Upgrade to my system

Ok guys if you look at my system on here you can see that some of the parts are a bit dated. I was debating getting a new cpu, mobo, and GPU. But was wondering is one of the new APU's by AMD better than my current cpu, I will not use the APU part. I probably can get a good deal on a APU and mobo combo, then was thinking of either a 4gb 280(x) or a 760. Then following you know just adding new fans and some sound dampening foam, I would like to hear you opinions on my idea. Also im having a tough time choosing fans, was hoping for 120s or 140s that are somewhat quiet yet wont break the bank (aka noctua).

it you have the 1045 x6  i would keep that its way better then amds apu's. if you want to keep prices down look at R9 280's non x parts there some good ones for $220