Upgrade to HD 7950 or GTX 660 Ti?

I'm upgrading my PC and in the process selling my HD 7870 Ghz and PSU to my younger brother, Who recently joined the PC master race. I cant decide between a HD 7950 or a GTX 660 Ti ,both cost about the same price. I know the 7950 is very overclock-able but I also heard the 660 Ti is very overclock-able card. Both have 3gb memory but the 660 ti has a stock clock of 1000Mhz while the 7950 comes at 800Mhz. Its Harder to decide which card is Better, Faster and most importantly Stronger. Or would this just be a "Apples to Oranges" situation?

My PC:

CPU: i5-3750K

MoBo; Asrock Extreme 4

PSU: XFX ProSeries 750W 80+ Gold (Going to Purchase)

HDD: Seagate barracuda 1TB 

BootDrive: Sandisk 64gb

7950. Its Mantle compatible. If Mantle is any good, you may get better performance in Mantle games.

a gtx 760 or 670 may also be a good choice for not much more

The 7950, it's actually equivalent of a 670 or 760 and comes with 3 gb of vram compared to 2gb on some nvidea's, plus it has slightly better benchmarks and comes with 3 free games depending on where you get it. Its a great card.

but the Nvidia cards have 2 free games and shadowplay which is also adding streaming

If you overclock a 7950, it compares to an overclocked GTX770. Which is $100 greater in value. The 7950 has proven itself the best card to buy in recent memory. Huge potential.

7950 will smoke the 660ti in all games. Overclock it and it will perform better than a stock 7970 and that's saying a lot. For a little more money you are getting a lot more. Not to mention Mantle

Go with the 7950 but the GTX 760 can be faster in some programs.

+1 all is said here. ☺ 7950 also beats a GTX760.

7950, with a good enough overclock, can be better than a gtx 770 or gtx 680. You'd have to be insane to get the 660 ti here.