Upgrade to a 7870 from a 560ti?

Hi guys.

I posted a topic earlier about whether or not to upgrade my gpu at this current time. And i was given a link to a 7870, which obviously intrigued me, I went to the link and it's selling for £130, compared to the normal £204, I know that that's extremely cheap for the card but would the upgrade to the 7870 be worth it? Thats my main question, would it be a noticeable difference to my 560ti?



what are you smoking cooperman?

You just compared a 7870 to itself :D

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That's what I saw but it's sorted now

The 7870 seems to beat the 560ti in all the games by a considerable margin 

make sure you completely remove all nvidia drivers and files, you can use the display driver uninstaller, search for it on 3dguru.


I haven't even decided if I'm going to buy it yet XD would you recommend it?

if it's more video memory i would.

Yes, it's definitely a lot faster. More "futureproof" too!
It will be a great upgrade if you don't want to spend a lot of money. 

And it is a very good price for the Sapphire 7870. Most 7870s are £160+

Oh hey Berserker. Would it be a good upgrade from my 560ti then? 




Nice and short.

The HD 7870 would be a pretty good upgrade from your GTX 560 ti.

But would it be a worthwhile upgrade? Or wait to see whats released this year?

For £130, undoubtedly. Especially if you overclock it a little.

If you are unwilling to pay more then 130, then it is most likely worth the upgrade.

Also should I pay an extra £10 for an r9 270 or £20 for the x version? Or just the 7870

If you are unhappy with your current performance then yes other wise you can always just save the money and buy a different card later.  Yes the 7870 is better but if you are content with your 560ti there is not really a reason to upgrade.

I do not think it is a significant enough jump to justify purchase. I went from a 6870 to a 660ti a year ago, and that was worth it, but barely. There are some amazing deals on 7870's  around, but if you could get a 7950, then it may be worth while. 

The 7870 is pretty much identical with the R9 270X.  The R9 270 is slighly worse than the 270X.

The 7870 will even crossfire with the R9 270X.

Go for that 7870.