Upgrade RAM or new CPU cooler?

Sorry if this isn't the best place to put this, but there isn't really and upgrade section in the forums.

So I found a little bit of cash lying around and am planning to do a small upgrade to my system. Right now I have one stick of 4gb 1333 DDR3, and the stock cooler for the i3-3240. 

Now I don't overclock right now, but if I get a new cooler (was looking at the Hyper 212 Evo) I was planninh on getting into it. 

I also have noticed at times my memory has been at pretty high usage, so I thought adding an extra 4 gigs could help with some productivity work.

Both of these seem like equally nice upgrades at the same price. Which do you guys think is a better choice right now?

I would go with the extra 4GB of RAM, just make sure you have a 64Bit OS so you can't take advantage of it. It will really help out in games and when multitasking. Should increase your system performance a bit. 

The stock Intel coolers aren't that bad. Especially if you are running the CPU at stock speeds. Which you would be, considering the 3240 has a locked multiplier and can't be overclocked. 

i3's dont overclock so dont buy a 212 evo expecting to oc.

A extra 4gbs of ram is a good idea 8gbs is the sweet spot for gameing pc's 

Wow, yeah. Completely blanked on the fact that the i3 doesn't OC. Feel kinda dumb now.

DerKrieger and cooperman, CPUs with a locked multiplier can still be overclocked it's just more difficult.

Here's a video about it.


I do have a very modern BIOS that I do believe I can use to overclock it. But would it be worth it to overclock to say 3.8 and buy the cooler, or should I just leave it at base and go with the RAM?

Even though you could overclock it, the RAM is more worth it. The RAM would make a far bigger difference than an overclock would.

Ok. Thanks all you guys for your input. Looks like I will stick with the stock cooler and go for the 4 gigs RAM. Thanks for the help. 

DerKrieger and cooperman, CPUs with a locked multiplier can still be overclocked it's just more difficult.

The world record overclock for that cpu on air is 3.566ghz (thats a extra 166mhz totaly not worth it)

The world record overclock for that cpu on liquid nitrogen! is 3.7ghz and thats not even worth it!

The hell it isn't worth it! I overclocked my i3 530 on a cheap ass motherboard to 3.7. Stock is 2.93. To be honest I only bumped it up because I was looking for higher RAM clocks, but that thing zipped along for a dual core. Heard rumors that Intel has been hobbling the non k cpus every new generation, so you may still be right.