Upgrade RAM DDR3

I have:

  • 2 sticks of 8GB each CM3X8GA2133C11Y4-001 corsair. 2133MHz 11-11-11-27

I have two free RAM slots and I want to upgrade from 16GB to 32GB.
I know it is best practice to use identical RAM modules but they are no longer sold anywhere.

Any advice to get more RAM?
I thought it would be good idea to double check with you great people before I buy the wrong thing :rofl:

Many thanks

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What you do with the PC really determines if it is a good idea or dumping good money into a dated platform

The software vendor (Lumion) I primarily use for work says my system is fine apart from the lack of RAM.

Will this work in addition to my RAM?

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Honestly I just don’t have the experience to give advice other then maybe a Lumion specific forum might have people who are familiar with how RAM upgrades will affect performance.
I am surprised the voltage is only 1.35, I have DDR3 2133 but it’s 1.65volts, it was really cheap when I bought it.
Wish I could help more

Do you think it would be compatible with my RAM?
btw I have corrected my original post.
My RAM is CM3X8GA2133C11Y4-001

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SO-DIMM is laptop form factor, sticks are shorter it doesn’t fit regular desktop boards.

Ram doesn’t have to be identical to work.

Look for regular DIMM. (such as the one from @TimHolus)

Hove you looked at how much ram are you using now? - somehow I’m skeptical it’d help you at all.

Thanks @TimHolus but sadly that listing has ended

@risk woops I didn’t see it was laptop RAM.

Do you reckon this will work with my RAM?


Lumion is using more than my 16GB (it is eating in my virtual RAM).

These have less clock speed and will slow down the ones you already have.
Just look for DDR3 2133Mhz Cl11 and XMP. The manufacturer is not as important as long as they are branded.


about to buy these.

Do you reckon they are good?


Nothing wrong with those…

Check any of these: https://skinflint.co.uk/?cat=ramddr3&xf=10118_16384~10130_16384~1454_8192~15903_keinSO~254_2133~255_11~5828_DDR3&sort=t&hloc=uk&v=e

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