Upgrade PC - PSU - Need help :)

Hello all


I have upgraded my PC, and it seems that I don't have powerful PSU to run it.

It boots up and its all is good when idle, but when i stress test the GPUs the computer restarts.
fist I suspected that is was temperature, but they are never over 55-65 Celsius under heavy load.

the cards is stock and not overclocked.


So to my question.

is Corsair AX 860i, 860W PSU good to run GTX 780 SLI?


Rest of the computer specs:

ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z, Socket-AM3+

ZOTAC GeForce GTX 780 3GB AMP! ® SLI

Corsair AX 860i, 860W PSU

AMD FX-8150 8-Core Processor

Corsair Dominator DDR3 1866MHz 16GB

Corsair H100 Hydro Series CPU Kjøler

Corsair SSD Force Series? GT 180GB


It restarts when running Heaven Benchmark on max settings.


Any ideas/tips trick is highly appreciated.





An AX860i will handle that load no sweat.

Your post is a little vague, do you have an 860i or are you asking whether or not one would be worth purchasing?

If you have one and this restarting is occuring, first remove any oc's (cpu) and set ram down to 1333. Make sure all drivers are up to scratch and the motherboard BIOS is the latest available. Stress test again, not just with heaven either grab OCCT gpu and or a 3dmark benchmarking utility. Also double check all your power connections.

Still continues, remove one gpu and test again, then same with the other. Could be a bad card.

That fails, post back and we'll go from there.


yes that psu should do the job. also good psu´s are XFX 850W 80+ gold or the corsair HX850 80+gold, this is on a good sale on newegg at the moment.


grtz Angel ☺


id also check your CPU temps when running the tests, not 100% sure how your testing but id assume the software has a CPU element to it, if its overheating the machine will shut down too, check in the bios to see what temp it will auto shutdown at , it may be set incorrectly.

Hello all, i figure this out, but i don't have the specific solution, or what caused it. but here is what i did.

I ripped everything out of the case, checked all connections, updated the bios to the latest. uninstalled all the Asus software. and changed out the power cord for some reason, changed the RAM lanes,  and it has not restarted until now. :) 

So I guess that did the trick for now :)


probably ASUS software setup wrong or just broken, probably trying to push the GPU beyond its safety limit so the pc restarted for safety or the gpu just crashed causing the bsod's :D glad it working tho