Upgrade or Not

Hi Guys,

Need your advice I have these specs

i5 6500
Gigabyte H170N mobo
16 GB 2400 HyperX
240 GB SandDisk SSD
Sapphire R9 390 Nitro+
Seasonic G650 psu
NZXT Manta case
Viewsonic XG2401 144 Hz freesync

I was thinking of upgrading the GPU but since the prices are all jacked up so I’m a little confused. The system is working fantastic on Overwatch, CS Go, and some other triple A titles (high settings).

Do you think its much wiser to just keep it the same until it die and build a completely new one?

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I mean the only upgrade you could really do to that is threadripper in all honesty. Find a 580? Maybe. Vega definitely. A fury would be a sidegrade if anything.

You’re pretty ok for now :3


580 is just slightly faster than 390… Meaning it’s not worth the upgrade. Vega yes… 1070/1080 yes…
On the cpu front - depending on what you do - ryzen 7 or you can just keep your current cpu… It’s not bad at all…



imo if you’re just using this for gaming, what you have is already pretty kickass. I would keep what you have for the time being, particularly now when the prices are jacked sky high.

One thing everyone should ask themselves when deciding whether or not to upgrade is: Does my system feel slow as it is right now in the tasks for which I primarily use it? Am I experiencing real tangible slowdowns in the applications I use on a regular basis? If the answer is yes and you have the money to spend, get an upgrade. If what you have works fine right now, I’d strongly suggest sticking with that.


I dont really see any reasons to upgrade.
Maybe a gpu upgrade in the near future.

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Vega 56 seems to be a good option but then again there are controversies regarding pricing (that they sell higher than MSRP), then there the power efficiency issue so most likely it will be a hot card specially for my small case.

If you’d had a k\Z combo with a sensible overclock I’d say you’d basically be already in the best lineup for games (ryzen 7 or threadripper would offer about the same in game fps, but a ton more power for something like videoediting, but you’d still need to be doing that everyday to justify a new setup on time saved, as the i5 will get the job done). But even without the ability to overclock your in game FPS won’t really move much for any CPU you can buy today, and other than load times storage won’t help either. Thus if you feel you need an upgrade, video card is your only sensible choice, but for a swap to be worth it you’d need to looking at the gtx1080 or higher level, which are very expensive and not going to give a huge noticeable graphical improvement at 1080p to continue to push >100fps as the 390 will already be doing pretty well.

Also you’d want to be looking at AMD cards only in order to keep freesync, so that really only leaves vega64 as personally I’d only consider the watercooled of the reference versions due to the very high TDP which will be hot and loud on a regular blower (just like the 290x was), although board partner variants may come in future with oversized double or triple fan coolers.

So I would just keep your rig as is if gaming, web browsing and office applications continues to be your workload. If you start doing lots of multimedia work, CAD or the like and feel the machine is slowing you down, look for a cheap used i7 4770 or 4770k (it’ll work on a h board, you just won’t get overclocking or one set of virtualization extensions), and failing that get a threadripper (but that means mobo, cpu, ram and cooler all swapped). If you add\upgrade displays or start playing new games where you are unhappy with how much your turning settings down, then buy a vega64. But probably you’ll be happy on that PC for a while to come, and if you have the itch to build something you’ll get better value out of doing another budget machine (servers, NAS or HTPC are all fun, and if you don’t need them imminently or for critical purpose can be done by acquiring great deals like used xeons as they pop up) although PC’s for friends and family are more practical) than replacing still good parts.

Ah but the driver base has over all frozen on the 390. i point to the 580 for the driver optimizations thatvare still making it better.

dont upgrade.
all you need is a video card, but that can wait until prices become sane again.

I usually think of upgrading only when on a forum, when I am actually playing a game upgrading is not even an issue.

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Everything works the way you want it to work?
Good. Come back when it doesn’t anymore.
Until then stop reading about benchmarks.