Upgrade or build from scratch


I’m looking to get into gaming on Ubuntu with looking glass and was wondering if it’s possible / practical with my current build.

Since my system is already 4 years old I’m unsure whether to upgrade what is needed or to just build a new system from scratch.
Current build

In case it makes more sense to build new: hope I didn’t do something stupid here
assuming i can reuse the Case, PSU, Cooler.
Thoughts, corrections appreciated.

2000€ Max, ideally less

Where do you live?
Germany, Euro

Is there a retailer you prefer?

Existing peripherals?
Headset, Keyboard, Mouse,
2 Monitors 1080p, 1 144Hz, 1 60Hz


preferebly no, only if necessary

Custom watercooling?
I don’t think it’s necessary since noise is not issue, I will be using a headset 99% of the time.


What settings?
Im aiming for 120FPS at Ultra / High, I tend to play around with the graphics settings until I reach 80-200 FPS.
So far im OK with the quality im getting with my current build (except for games like FO4/76 and Arma2,3 wich I don’t understand how to configure to anything above 40FPS)

Im used to 1080 and so far im perfectly content. Im a bit scared to switch to above 1080.
Everytime I upgraded anything display-related (4:3-1024 to 16:9-1080, 1080-60Hz to 1080-144Hz/120Hz, 21" to 24") it was painfull to go back.
Ever since I got my 144Hz monitor I’m incapable of playing on my 60Hz monitor. I dont want to be stuck at possibly low FPS on >1080.
So, very unsure here.

The only genres I dont play are: MMORPGs, MOBAs, racing games and mobile games.
Some examples:
Arma 2, 3 (I prey that one day I may reach >60FPS at 1080 with Antialiasing ON ; ) )
TESV, FO3/4/76, Witcher 3
Overwatch, CS:GO
Oh and I hope to give VR a try soon

  1. The biggest unknown is how well your motherboard supports passthrough. It looks like your motherboard has VT-d, but no one has posted the IOMMU groups on it yet. Try turning on VT-d, then running the Arch IOMMU groups script(works on almost any distro), see link below

  2. A quad-core CPU is ok, depending on what games you play. You are probably going to want to allocate 6 threads to the VM and leave 2 for the host. Some games will be fine, others will have a performance hit. You would just have to try it.

  3. 16gb ram is ok for most people. 8+8gb for the host+guest would work. There are some games that want a bit more, but DDR3 isn’t too bad in price if you want to up your current system to 24gb.

  4. I would strongly recommend getting a second keyboard+mouse set for setup and troubleshooting purposes. A cheap 15€ set would work fine. You may not end up using it daily, but it is good to have on hand.

  5. Another small purchase that may be overlooked when setting up looking-glass is an EDID emulator(also known as a dummy plug). They allow you to use looking-glass without either a Quadro or cable coming from the passed through GPU. The cheapest HDMI ones are 1-2€ on ebay.

  6. As long as you have enough storage space to install linux and have a test windows VM, you can try looking-glass with your current hardware.