Upgrade on current gaming system

Budget £600-£700


I will be using the computer for gaming and I am wanting to go down the Intel/Nvidia route. My current specs on my current rig are as follows:


CPU : Phenom 2 1090t @ 3.6ghz

GPU : XFX Radeon HD 6870 2GB

Ram : 8gb @ 1600mhz

Motherboard  : MSI 990fx GD65 

HD/SSD : SSD - Plextor 256 GB/HD 1TB

CPU Cooler : TTAKE CLW0215 Water 2 Performe

Power Supply : Corsair 750W


Any upgrade tips would be appreciated but i think the bulk of the money will be Graphics, CPU and MB, I dont want a bottleneck with a new GPU and i think my current system would have a big bottleneck with newer Nvidia cards 770 etc.


Better to keep Amd Cpu and go Nvidia would be better you wouldn't have to buy a new Mobo. You could get more Ram but it's not needed for just gaming.

I also agree with this statement.


I was just thinking of switching to Intel due to the Future proof i guess, As ive heard the FX slot wont be around for much longer? And also Intel is faster? But do you guys think the 8350 is a big step up from my current processor, as well for gaming?

Both AM3+ boards and 1150 will be around for the same amount of time. Steamroller (AMD) will use AM3+ and broadwell (Intel) will use 1150. You can expect another ~3 years before another socket comes along. In gaming the 8300s tend to match the I5s. With margins going back and forth depending how well the game is threaded.