Upgrade my i72600k sandy bridge?


Mayby some of you advice me? Thinking of upgrading some parts of my computer (most of the time i do that insmall steps) So i was thinking because it is a few years old to upgrade my cpu

While i'm reading about it on the net it comes to me several times that upgrading from my i72600 k sandy bridge to for example the i7 4770 haswell doesn't make much of a differents?

I use my computer most of the time for gaming and the gammes i pplay are not that much demanding (diablo3,civilization,etc)

Here's i site that compares the 2 cpu's:


Mayby i'm mistaking butt if i upgrade i have to change my motherboard as well i believe? (currently p8p67 asus socket1155) 

Or mayby i should start with a new video card ? was playing skyrim and it wasn't running that great, i have a nvidia gtx 660


thanx and sorry for my bad english

greetings from the netherlands



This is from the conclusion of the comparison you linked:

If you bought a Core i7-2600K a while back, then we can tell you without the shadow of a doubt, that there is absolutely no need to get rid of it and replace it with a Core i7-4770K.

There is your answer.

Get a new videocard. The i7 2600k is really good!

Agreed, spend your money on a GPU.


depending where you use your system for basicly.

- For gaming upgrading is not realy worth it. Better upgrade the gpu.

- For rendering, its worth it.

thanx a lot for the replies,think i will keep the cpu and upgrade my gpu will check the forums here what's a good one for me

they r9-290  is nice but i always hade an nvidia  and the 780 is nice 2 mmmm 



thanx a lot!!

I agree with the sugegstions, kepp the 2600K, it still has a couple of years before it starts to lag behind. For your GPU, don't forget to make sur your PSU has enough wattage for a 290 if you go that route. My only real tip would be this: get the best card you can, don't be tempted with SLI/CFX, only problems lie that way.

Thanx for the replies!


Totally agree on this one.

If I bought a Core i5 760 Build instead of a laptop back in 2010, I would have just upgraded the GPU by now to a 7870 xt or an R9 270x. According to this website: http://www.techbuyersguru.com/i5CPUshootout.php, the Core i5 760 trades blows with the Core i5 4670k in gaming using an AMD 7870!

What this means is that if you have a good old Intel CPU like the i5 760 or something else that's good from 2009 or 2011, you'll still be rocking games without problems if you couple it with a very good GPU - that doesn't cross the bottleneck threshold of the CPU. 

If I were in your case, I would just make sure I have eight gigabytes of RAM or more if needed and just upgrade to a beastly GPU like an R9 290x, GTX 780 ti or better - or maybe just save my money. 

I would say grab a 290, its better bang for buck. its cheaper, and offers more performance, then a 780.