Upgrade keyboard or case?

which would you guys upgrade haf 912 to define r4 or some a gateway crappy keyboard to a corsair k70. both could be upgraded and about the same price want to hear someones elses input.

I personally would get the case. That case is quiet, and looks nice. Only downfall to the case is that moving all the parts might take a while. 

If I had to choose just one, I would get the keyboard. The case you have is pretty nice as it is. Simply put the difference between your case and the one you want isn't as dramatic as the difference between the keyboards.  I upgraded to a mech keyboard about a year ago and it's quite a treat. Either way you go, it feels good when you upgrade a part of your system. :-)

well, in one case you have ...no pun intended, a different looking computer, in the other you have a more enjoyable typing experience

if you do get a case you can get a really nice keyboard pretty cheap [link] i own this and an rk9000, i enjoy it just as much as the mech (ok, maybe 99% as much)

Unless the case is really hindering airflow and by extension performance then it has to be the keyboard. You use the keyboard to interface with the machine. It's so functional and so important, if oddly forgettable.

Aesthetics should always be prioritised behind function in nearly all cases. Unless of course the object is somehow rendered non-functional by a failure of an aesthetic condition.

well i like the look of the haf and the r4 its just the haf sounds like a jet taking off and i plan on either getting a 290, 770 or a 280x so i dont want to make my room an airport with these cards.