Upgrade help

Hi I've been itching for an update on my build. Help please!


Xfx 5850

MSI p67a-gd65

Corsair 8gb 1600mhz

Corsair hx750

Corsair h80i

Corsair 240gb neutron

Asus d1 soundcard

Crucial 60gb sad

Western digital 250gb 7200rpm 64mb

1tb Hitachi 5000rpm




I'm running three monitors at 1920x1080  and I don't really care for 3 screen gameplay(eyefinity?). But my main monitor runs at 144hz. I play a wide variety of games at high settings. So I would really appreciate any input you guys can hjelp me with. I know the video card is dated so I guess my real question is what video card? ( wow I wasted time haha)


( wow I wasted time haha)

The worst thing it is, you didnt say your budget so almost all this writing is useless...


uhm just upgrade the GPU to a 7970! Nothing more ☺

upgrade  cpu and mobo to a  i5 3570k and a Z77 mobo is not worth the money cause diffrences in games will be minimal.Same counts for the i7 2700K and the i7 3770K.

i would say just upgrade youre GPU and wait  a year then go on hasswell


A gpu upgrade is definitely the best path to follow. 7950 or 7970, either are nice and with a good third party cooler the 7950 will overclock very well. 

yes 7950 or 7970. is the only thing he has to upgrade  the gpu.

maybe if he can find a cheap or used 2700K for cheap its cool cause  it can do 8 Threads  instead of 4 Threads to the i5 2500K  but in gaming thats not an issue..

SORRY! my budget is around 350-450$!

what do you guys think of the gtx 670?