Upgrade Gone Bad

I had an intel celeron g540 and upgraded to an amd 6300. Now after this upgrade every time i turn on my pc, all the lights, fans and ports work, but there is no image on the screen 


CPU-intel celeron g540------- AMD FX6300

MOBO-Asrock h61-dgs--------MSI 970a-g43

GPU-AMD Radeon 6670 ddr5

PSU-Corsair CX430

Heatsink- zigmatek gaia

Thats a old mobo for a new chip sounds like i bios update is needed.

But check that your gpu is seted corretly and your monitor leads are pluged in well 

Try to find out how to install a BIOS update on the motherboard, sometimes if it doesn't make it past POST, then you can't even do that. But given that it is AMD, it should work to some extent. If all else fails, take everything completely apart and try again. Half the time the problem is just that a connector isn't plugged in all the way, or something got on the contacts that needs to be cleaned off. For cleaning things like DIMM slots and PCI/PCI-e slots you can use a soft bristled brush dipped in 90+ percent alcohol and dabbed on a paper towel to remove excess alcohol. Then just scrub it gently. Try to avoid messing with the pins on the processor, as they are significantly more delicate, and damaging a pin will likely render the CPU completely useless. Not to mention, most companies won't RMA it then. I know I had a bit of an issue with a computer build not powering on and going past the POST, then I realized that teh P4 connector wasn't fully seated, so I got some forceps and pushed it in all the way (it was right next to an inconveniently large heatsink.)

Wait, did you try to put the 6300 in the H61 board?

no hes useing the MSI 970a-g43 (i hope xD )

yeah im using a 970a, anyways i think the mobo is DOA because i realized that the mouse doesnt power up when the PC is on


PS i hope i dont have to do a bios update(so cpu is a another suspect?)

download the bios for your chip here --> http://uk.msi.com/product/mb/970A-G43.html put it on a pendrive and take the mobo and pendrive to you local pc shop and get them to update it ..if that dosent work send it back 

thanks, gonna pick up the pc tomorrow

Thanks for the replies,

PS-does the 6300 really compare to the i5 3570k (did buy the CPU with this in mind)

No,the AMD FX-8350 trades blows with the i5 in some areas 

I have seen some threads around saying thay have there 6300 oc close to 5ghz but overclocking on that mobo is very limited

I know im going to upgrade to a 990fx or wait for steamroller