Upgrade FX 4100 to FX 8230 for future proofing?

Hey guys atm i have a FX 4100 and a msi gtx 660 tf3 and Im having no problems playing the games i like at close to max on most of them but I know that the 4100 is pretty bad. 

So I thort I already have am3+ board so no point in going to intel and next gen consoles are amd 8 cores as we know

so I might as well go for an fx 8350 for some future proofing as im sure my cpu will start to bottle neck me soon. hear in New Zealand the 8320 is $60 less. 

What do u guys think do I need to upgrade atm and if I do, do i spend the extra 60 for the 8350(i would rather not upgrade if i dont have to lol) :)


get the 8320, and, if you don't have one already, get a cpu cooler. the cm hyper 212 will work fine if you don't plan on overclocking much. the amd stock cooler is complete garbage, and especially with the tropical temps of NZ, the 8320 is going to need better cooling.

I have a 212 evo atm :) Some other people r saying that the fx6300 would be fine for 3 to 5 years to come if im just gaming. what do u think?

I used to have a FX6300 and it was pretty good. Never had any problems with it.

should be just fine.


Given the choice, I would get the 8320. Then again, it depends on the motherboard. Really ought to put that 8320 on a 990.

The FX6300 is only a little more expensive than the FX4100, and for that reason alone, it would be a shame to throw away a chip for near the same value. If you're going to upgrade... best to make it worthwhile.

It might even come down to the graphics cards you use. Single, dual. High, medium. The FX6300 is great with any single top tier card, in my opinion.

In the UK, the 8320 is only slightly more expensive than the FX6300.

I have a single 1080 monitor and am running a msi gtx 660 tf3 will probably go to a gtx 860 or 870 (or amd equivalent) when they come out in a year or 2. I have a pretty average board but will be getting something like a Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 in the next few months

In NZ FX 4100 is $160 , FX 6300 $170, FX 8320 $225

Il probly sell my FX 4100 on trademe (NZ ebay) for like 100 130 ish so will get a cheep upgrade that way

Well, it is definitely worth jumping to the FX6300, if you want something a little longer term. That'll handle any single high-tier GPU, without looking at ultra cards like the Titan.

It just depends how much overclocking you want to do? For a mild overclock, you should be able to get away with a 8320 on a 970 mobo. If you want to push the OC, get a 990. Which can be twice as expensive.

There is a £30 difference between your chosen Gigabyte mobo, and the Gigabyte 990-UD3, here in the UK. Might be worth stretching the equivalent value in NZ currency?

how much more of an oc will i get with the 990. its $80 more hear. will i get $80 more proformance lol


what sort of oc do u think il get with the 6300 on the 970 and the 8320 on the 970. 4.2 4.4?

Honestly, I'd op in for the 8350 if you're willing to pay $60 or so more. If you haven't watch the video on Logan/Wendell discussing how the 8350 beat the mainstream i5 that people get for gaming PCs. Also, with the new consoles coming out shortly and having 8-core processors, any ports to be ported over will utilize those 8-cores most likely. This is definitely future-proofing. Slap a aftermarket heatsink/fan on it if you plan on overclocking. 

Also, you think that a FX4100 is old and bad?.... Phenom II X4 945 3.0GHz here. #GOML :P 

In all honesty, the Phenom is still a competing chip. Would probably beat the fx4100 quite easily

Yea it's a pretty good chip still. It can render 720p videos and such in less than an hour, so that's pretty good. The only thing it won't let me do is play Arma 2/3, Planetside 2, and record while playing a few games.

Rather good chip for being discontinued. :) 965 is a lot better, though.

Sounds like some pretty achievable overclocks for the FX6300

im not going 8350 as it is over $130 more then the 6300 hear in new zealand and almost $80 more then the 8320 and i would have to spend at least $200 for the cheapest 990 board over hear. where im looking for the most inexpensive but worthwhile upgrade

why you need a 990fx board for a fx 8320? only thing that's different is crosfire or sli options right? just get a good one. don't go with a msi g43. you need something with good power phases. most gigabyte boards have 8+2 which is enough. and 8320 is better than a 8350 for the money. no big differents, only the clockspeed.

I went from a 6100 to an fx8350 a while ago and it was fantastic, the x1xx to x3xx is almost more important a move with video games in mind. I enjoy arma games so the improved per core performance was a fantastic
Prices are fairly spread out for you in NZ so an 8320 would make you very happy for the cash I'd say