Upgrade from Powercolor 6950 2gb

As the title says I plan to upgrade my gpu. What I would like to have is a card, that should be able to play the current games at very high to Ultra settings (such as Metro, Bioshock, Batman AO etc.)  at 1080p.

My budget is 250-300 € which is ca. 350-400 $

Any card worth the uprgade? My 6950 is still pretty solid, but can't pull off very high settings at every game.

I would go with this one -> XFX Radeon R9 280X Black Edition. I don't know where you live but here in germany the card costs 299,90€. It's factory OC'd to 1080 (850 standard), will do very high to Ultra in current games and doesn't run to hot (XFX R9 280X TBDB Temperatures).

That one looks solid. I am from Germany too, so danke dir;)

Any ndvidia options as well?


Upgrade your card for free! With a simple firmware swap, you could have a 6970.

That card sounds like a jet engine already. More speed will make it even louder. The temperatures are at 70 degrees already (the cooling is bad).