Upgrade from GTX 650

So I'm currently running a PNY XLR8 Edition GTX 650 with 2gb GDDR5 and it's a great card, does most of what I need it to and plays games very well. Being a GTX 650 it has it's limits and was bought on impulse basically just to get something into my system to play with, so I'm looking to upgrade. I'm currently running an FX-6100 @ 3.5ghz, Hyper 212evo 8GB Kingston HyperX @ 1600mhz, MSI 970A-G46 mobo, Earthwatts 650watt psu, and a Seagate Barracuda 1TB.

Getting back to the question what would be a good upgrade GPU wise but not going to kill my bank account? I'm thinking of going to the AMD R series but not looking to spend much more than 140-150.

I would recommend something like a r9 270 ( 160€ here ). , but depends on your budjet .

I'd wait till AMD drops the R9-285 next week. its allegedly faster than the 760 for about the same price.

I would suggest that if you want something nowish, try to save up a bit more like a budget of $250 and go for a 760/770.
It isnt much of an upgrade but it will hold out longer.


I would not go lower , as under this you loose fps .