Upgrade from bulldozer?

Yeah i’d pay that too. Then again, unless you’re buying 12+ cores, even a crappy B450 board should handle it unless you plan serious overclocking. And ryzen doesn’t really OC very well at all so… I mean b450 handles ryzen 2xxx just fine, and the majority of the 3xxx lineup draw less… only the extreme top end is more hungry.

My vote:

  • pick the board vendor with the bios you like
  • pick the model that has intel NIC, sufficient USB and non-trash power delivery
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I have an fx 8150. I have overclocked it continuously for about 10 years with no slowdown. Have you tried reapplying your thermal paste and cleaning your cooling solutions? If you want a good upgrade to your system with out having to buy RAM you can find a used Sabertooth 990 fx gen 3 r2.0 that has PCIE 3.0 instead of 2.0… Or you can enjoy building a new PC. Good luck!

For new parts, Its hard to beat value/dollar for a 1600AF and an Asrock B450 Pro4 motherboard which the VRMs can handle a highly overclocked 2700x with decent airflow.

$85 for CPU - 1600AF
$75 for motherboard on Amazon Prime - Asrock B450 Pro4

Now you just need DDR4 ram. Probably about $60 for 3000Mhz for 16gb. Half that for 8Gb.

Total works out to be ~$220 assuming you reuse the case, drives, PSU and GPU.

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The RAM really should be 3200-3600mhz cl14-cl16 at the worse. And I mean true 16 or better not 16 19 19. If he has 16+gb of overclocked memory for $150 he can get a good mobo with PCIE 3.0 for what he has. Unless he’s rendering or doing some kind of production task he should only build a new PC if he just wants to…

Doubtfull, that it would be a great overclocking experience.
But with a really good airflow around the mosfet area it might work.
The question remains for how long doe… when you push it on a daily base.

A 2700X overclocked draws some significant amount of current.
Significantly more then the 3700X / 3800X chips.
And the mosfets used on that said board arent particulary great or efficient.
Also it kinda depends on which particular batch of the said board you get.
Cause for whatever reason there are boards that come with crap Niko mosfets,
and others come with slightly better but still kinda crappy Sino Power fets.
The board could eventually handle a 2700x with some decent airflow around the vrm area.
But it won´t be the most ideal board for it.

Of course idk what the entire budget from topic starter is for a cpu, mobo and memory combo.
But many sites sometimes offer interesting combo´s.
The 1600AF is a really nice deal indeed.
But sometimes you find complete upgrade kits for reasonable prices.

Of course for the Ryzen 1600AF / 2600X / 3600(X) etc,
the board should be totally fine.
Although i don´t believe that the Asrock B450 pro4 actually comes with bios flash back.
So that is something to keep in mind.

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Doing a board switch and not moving on from bulldozer is a dumb idea. I wouldn’t invest any money into that if I had to work on a tight budget.

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You say that but i got the best performance for similar systems in firestrike with DDR4-2866 dual-rank (2x16GB DIMMs) using my 2700x and crossfire vega 64 (back when those parts were new). By some margin. On air.

Sure, its an obscure niche config, but there were other crossfire vega 64 2700Xs with in theory, faster RAM. That i beat.

Given this is a kinda budget upgrade, i’d say don’t sweat the memory speed too much. Yes it helps, but my memory was literally half the cost of “AMD approved” DDR4-3200 at the time (it’s a g-skill trident z DDR4-3000 CL15 hynix kit).

If you can get memory for half the cost, you can get 2x as much of it (or more SSD, or the next tier up CPU, etc.), which will do a LOT more for “general” system performance and longevity in the long term.

Sure, faster memory will be faster… but not to the degree some people think, and its often a lot more expensive. And in a budget build, its a significant BOM cost increase. For dubious performance gains in very specifically memory bound scenarios only.

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One of the better B450 boards to get vrm wise,
should be the Msi B450 Gaming pro carbon AC.
But in some area´s that board costs kinda close,
to some of the x470 / x570 offerings.
So yeah if X570 is too expensive, then there are definitelly some,
interesting x470 options out there.
However for a 1600AF / 2600X or 3600, it wouldn’t matter all the much.


IMHO buying X570 for a 1600AF in 2020 is rocks-in-head dumb, when its quite likely you’ll need a new board for Ryzen 4000 :slight_smile:

Certainly for Ryzen 5000 for sure.

You’re just paying for PCIe4.0 that you can’t use (and a chipset fan you don’t want)… and by the time you WILL the socket has moved on…

also, DDR5 will be out soon-ish too… so planning to keep a board purchased in 2020 for the long term is even more questionable… again imho.

Well yeah unfortunately hard to say for sure,
because as far as i´m aware nothing is really known about zen3 4000 series.
And eventually new chipsets and boards.
But indeed it’s possible that the new 4000 series won´t be,
backwards compatible with previous boards anymore.
But still that all just guessing, nothing is really confirmed about that.

The only thing i kinda find interesting, is that Msi seemed to have some ES sample B550 boards.
And when the B550 boards eventually still come out,
which in my opinion wouldn’t make sense at all anymore,
unless there actually would be backwards compatibility for the 4000 series.

But yeah idk, right now it’s anybodies guess.

Still i don´t fully agree that it would be a bad idea to invest in x570 even for a 1600AF.
Because there are still plenty of upgrade options available,
even when the am4 socket turns out to be eol.
Then with a good enough x570 board,
which doesn’t nessesarly have to be expensive, like the Gigabyte x570 Aorus elite for example.
You would still have an upgrade path without any issues to even a 3900x / 3950x.

So yeah it kinda depends on how you look at it.
But i agree if your plans are to upgrade to the 4000 series anyways.
Then i would stick to Bulldozer for now and wait.
I’m exactly in that same position right now. :slight_smile:


This! Precisely. We are at a point where PCIe 2.0 is now actually bottlenecking anything but low end cards but think about how long that took. and Storage is almost going backwards with QLC+. PCIe 4 is 100% pointless right now and will be for a good while.

Also there is something that needs to be made clear: AM4 is mature now, it simply works. B450 or X470 board maybe a bios update but after that it will just plain work.

Whatever is coming out after AM4 is gonna be uncharted territory again.

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When I got my Vega FE I too beat some scores in Firestrike with my Overclocked fx 8150 and 2600 DDR3 memory. Certainly not all scores and not most scores. But if you are going to spend the money on RAM might as well get the best you can at a reasonable price. And the AMD vs Intel sticker on the RAM is to be ignored as long as the RAM on the QVL.

The scores you beat with faster RAM most likely were a result of very poor timings, the RAM not being on the QVL, bad OC, non updated BIOS or XMP or equivalent profiles not even being turned on.

I have no argument against building a new system. Their is simply no reason to if for example you are playing videogames and doing homework or watching movies and not trying to be MLG or simply dont want to. I am simply offering the best alternative to spending a bunch of cash instead of checking thermal paste and cleaning a system while fixing the 990 fx platforms most prominent flaw. PCIE 2.0… If the OP wants to build a system that is more than fine. But their are alternatives.

Keep in mind that that 990fx offers more PCIE lanes with out having to move to Threadripper so for example if you want to use a capture card or two for streaming and a PCIE NVME drive for recording editing or game storage you might be better off sticking with 990fx. The board I recommended even supports booting from PCIE NVME drives.

I get it, you like that platform. I am writing this on a system that’s 11 years old and I just ordered another one of those. But someone on a tight budget needs to make every penny count and frankly ANY penny spent today on Bulldozer is wasted. The platform is lacking in single core performance, in instructions, in connectivity… and the only board that actually has the thing you think is the only problem, is stupid expensive because of it.

Its stupid expensive because its off the market. But its still cheaper than an entire DDR 4 platform. And the io isn’t that bad on that specific board revision. I my self have been considering moving to Ryzen. I just cant use a board with out the PCIE slots I need so its that motherboard or Threadripper for me. If motherboard manufacturers wouldn’t put all the extra junk on the board like WiFi and NVME slots and actually put 16x PCIE slots on the board I might upgrade.

My point is that DDR4-3200+ is not “reasonably priced” and offers questionable benefit in the real world vs. spending that extra elsewhere.

Sure if budget is unlimited, go nuts.

Well of course there something to be said about that.
But we have to stick to the topic.

edit: i guess topic starter already decided. :slight_smile:

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You can find some kits online for decent prices and the “intel” kits are cheaper. But they generally are not cheap…

Well like i mentioned.

Most hardware retailes offer upgrade kits.
And sometimes there are interesting ones out there.
So it’s worth it to check out for deals really.

OP already decided, thanks for your inputs.

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