Upgrade from bulldozer?

Alright guys, I think its time to upgrade. I’m still running an AMD FX8320, and its been slowing down as of late. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what AM4 CPU I can upgrade to for a significant performance boost without going above $150.

I’ve been looking at the 1600AF, but im not sure if that would be a good investment given that 3k series is the newest generation for a couple bucks more. Lemme know!

My vishera brother.

Any upgrade to Zen is going to be a noticeable boost. I would honestly say if you plan on overclocking, Zen+ and a 470 word will do you well. In that case, you might as well go 2700.

If you do not plan on overclocking then just stick with a 570 board and a 3700 or higher CPU.

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Even a 3200g would be a significant boost in performance. I would personally get the 3600 though. The 1600af is not bad at all but the 3600 has the threads and the single core speeds that make it the ideal budget machine.

It all depends on what you have now and what you want to achieve.

Since the entire upgrade requires CPU, mobo and ram. The CPU costs are only part of the issue.

TBH I don’t think that sort of upgrade is possible within you $150 budget.

is that 150$ for the cpu or for the whole thing? ram and motherboards are expensive these days and the b series motherboards still hasnt been released on the 3000 series amd cpus.
the cheapest boards are 145$

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Price to performance wise a 2600 isn’t a bad deal. They shouldn’t be expensive.

I have all the other parts, man. Would have mentioned if I didnt.

i would save another 25$ and get a 3600 https://pcpartpicker.com/product/9nm323/amd-ryzen-5-3600-36-thz-6-core-processor-100-100000031box


3600 crew, lets go


If you can get the 3600 for around $150,-
Then that is definitely a decent cpu.

its $175, but I think the little bit extra is worth it.

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Yup agree.

Ty all. Prolly gonna go for the 3600 if i can swing it.

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What motherboard did you get? The 1600AF is basically a 2600 for $85. The resale value should stay close to the original price for quite some time, at least long enough to hold you over until 4000 series CPU’s come out.

Anything Ryzen will be an upgrade, but without details of how you use/expect to use your computer it is merely guesses as to what is ‘best’.

If money is an issue… 1600AF.

As an FYI most of the budget Ryzen3000 parts are based on Zen+, just like the 1600AF. The only Ryzen 3000 parts worth looking at for most people are the 3600 and above.

1600AF + budget board + budget RAM (Micron E-Die, Hynix CJR, etc.) is hard to beat.

1600AF = $85
3600 = $170

It’s 2x the cost for not 2x the performance.

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I went from 3850 to 3900x, it was worth it. Make the move to 3700x or higher.

The 1600AF is practically a 2600. For the price it is unbeatable! Yes, the 3600 is a great chip but if budget is of concern… I’d go 1600AF.

If anything I would try to put more money into a board.

I’d normally suggest that, but i think right now, 3000 series is probably end of the line for AM4. It’s unclear whether “until 2020” means 2020 will get an AM4 CPU update or that’s when they don’t get the next generation.

Given Zen3 is a new design (rather than a Zen2 refresh) and coming in 2020, i wouldn’t be planning on board compatibility beyond Ryzen 3000 personally. Also, AM4 was pushed in terms of memory bandwidth already with Ryzen 3000 so i really think we’ll see a new socket with Ryzen 4000.

I’ll be glad to be proven wrong (as i plan to upgrade from my 2700x at that point), but i’m not planning that way myself.


I’d go for a decent B450 board (unless you need some X470/570 feature), spend a little more on CPU and hold out until 2021-2022 or later depending on what comes out.

You’ll need money for DDR5 RAM at that point most likely as well. So don’t overspend now, is my vote.

Good little CPU soldiers on! I had one myself.

To make things easy: A Ryzen 5 2600 (non X) is twice as fast in CB R15 multithread and at least a 50% upgrade in gaming (source: I had a 8320, I have a 2600 (and a 1700X)).

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Oh, I agree with that. I meant not going cheapest B450 with trash VRMs. Because even if Zen 3 does come this year on consumer platforms, (personally I thak that’s a big if) there is still a lot of options for upgrades coming from a 1600AF on AM4.

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