Upgrade from AMD FX-6100 to FX-8350?

I have an XFX 7850 2GB Core Edition Video Card and I feel like the CPU is bottlenecking it, should I upgrade to an FX-8350?

Yes, but really you just need to overclock it and it will do fine. 6300 is good option also.

The FX6100 dosent bottleneck a HD7850 i recently upgraded from a FX6100 to a FX8320 becase it was in a ridiculously cheap sale unique heaven benchmark and alien vs predator benchmark tool was identical fps between them.

(i run a HD7850 overclocked)

Upgrade your gpu if you whant better fps in games.

No, the CPU is not bottlenecking it. I have one, 7850 & 6300, and it's just not a particually nice card so i got a second one now my games feel alot better. Also update your drivers to the latest beta drivers; the make games alot smoother.

So I should consider Crossfire or a new GPU? I don`t want to waste the 7850.

A new gpu will be better than xfire the HD7950's are on sale at the moment or you can overclock the gpu i got mine to 1ghz from (860mhz reference speeds)

No sales here, but will I get to use the VRAM of both of the cards in games that does not have proper integration with Crossfire?

No. not with a 6100 and that motherboard. I would wait before purchasing gpus. Next gen about to come out.


I saw your edit on your first post too, any recommended frequencies and Heatsinks?

212 coolermaster. I ran about 3.6  3.7 mhz after that it gets a little more technical to oc . really a cheap fast ssd works wonders with the 6100

once you add a ssd and a light overclock you will find that a 6100 it runs really nice.

Since the new beta drivers crossfire is alot better, so i'd get a second 7850.


The SSD would do minimal to affect FPS, but the Overclock would do, wouldn`t it be possible to go higher than those frequencies?

SSD makes a world of difference maybe not to the fraps but to the overall smoothness, and yes you can clock it higher but i wouldnt. Not without oc board and good cpu cooler. You will find that a 6100 heats up fast and pumps out alot of heat.

So I`m asking you, what is the difference in FPS for you with a 6100? I`m figuring that you have/had one.

I dont have any saved stats left. I went from a 7750 gpu and a 6100 and ssd to a 7870, 6100 ssd. So my numbers wouldnt really apply to you and your 6100 and 7850. Recommend you google your build for more direct comparisions.If you wanna go cheap follow the advice about if not , i recommend going to the top 8350 a crossfire board 990fx and watch the next gen gpu and see what strikes your fancy.

Sounds about right. Thanks.

My CPU usage while playing FC3: http://s789.photobucket.com/user/RotatingCamel/media/CPUUsageFC3_zpsc4f5f742.png.html?sort=3&o=2 As you can see that will not be bottleknecking the GPU/s. Watch this video on bottleknecking if you're interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAgpvWc4VBM

Yup, lol i love it. Fallen prey that crap myself.


It depends on the game, gw2 for example bottlenecks even i5's in World vs World