Upgrade from AIO to custom watercool. I Need Advice

Hey everyone! I love the community we have on the forum, and so when i need anything computer related i stop by here first.


Anyways...I have an h220 with a noisy pump and the waranty, i believe, has run out. So i have been researching and want to do custom water cooling because it is even more of an enthusiast thing and would be more flexible for upgrades or part replacements. Also not to mention they look soooooo cool and i love to build things.


My Current Specs: Intel Core i7 4770k (haswell)

                                          Gigabyte G.1 Sniper 5 motherboard

                                          Corsair Pro Series 1866 Mhz memory

                                          Swiftech H220( with loud pump) cpu heatsink

                                          AMD 7950 

                                          Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB ssd

                                          WD Velociraptor 1 TB HDD

                                          Corsair AX 850W PSU

                                          Corsair 650D


So after my research, i plan on trying to use my h220 rad and then get a new 240 rad along with a new water block and a dual pump/reservoir(prob together or one reservoir to feed into the housing for the pumps) and some compression fittings and tubing( which are a given), lastly, i may add in a water block for my graphics card later on.


Before you say anything about the case, i love it and will not buy a new case for the next few years. I also plan to mod it and put in a 240 rad in the front( wont be super efficient, but will work decently well). I have seen a fair bit of build logs and video builds, but i want some advice on the parts i want and the planning and execution of this, my new project. Goals of this build are to make my current rig into a quiet, powerful, greenish/black machine.


Prospective parts i have been looking at are: XSPC Raystorm Acetal cpu block

                                                                                XSPC Dual D5 Vario reservoir and pump housing with pumps

                                                                         Alphacool Nexxxos Monsta 240 rad( 80mm thick) OR XSPC 240 rad

                                                                                Monsoon Chain Gun 3/8" ID x 5/8" OD Compression fittings


Any ideas on different parts or questions about my current or prospective parts are welcome.