Upgrade from a 7950

I currently have a sapphire 7950 3gb and it tends to run hot and loud. So i'm asking you all what would be a good replacement card to get this Black Friday. It doesn't have a top of the line gpu just something that can handle games like Black Ops 3 and Grand Theft Auto V with mods other than that all I do is surf the web.

Honestly, R9 Fury...
What is the rest of the system? The CPU and the Power supply are the most important...
7950 is similar to R9 280 which is similar to R9 380, so 380 will not really be any step up... 390 could be, or 390X, but if you are going to upgrade i would rather go directly to Fury...

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Mobo: ASUS M5 A97 R2.0
PSU: CX500
GPU: Sapphire HD 7950 3GB
CPU: FX-6300

R9 390 is roughly a 50% jump in performance for those games. Combined with the just released Radeon Crimson it could become more.

You may want a beefier PSU first. 600W or more.

Yeah... And the FX will slow it down like hell...
So you need better PSU and better CPU... It is not really worth it to upgrade before you change those...
390, Fury or whatever will still show improvement in framerate, but the CPU will hold them back..

Although 500w should be enough for something like an R9 390, it'll be uncomfortably close. You'll be looking at a total system draw in the mid to upper 300's at full load, so I agree with @Fouquin on the PSU upgrade. Get something 650 to 850 watts to give yourself some headroom for future upgrades. But the choice is up to you.

If you're wanting to go with Nvidia, though. My total system draw is around 270 watts with a GTX 970. Your CX500 would be plenty for that. But if you're wanting to stick with AMD, i'll throw my 390x back into my system and test the power consumption at full load for you tomorrow after I get off of work. I tested my 390x previously in gaming, and if my memory is right, it was around 350-ish watts. But of course, like I said, that was in gaming.

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Fury X is honestly the best bet here. Since you have an FX-6300 its probably going to bottle neck it but what the heck it was already bottlenecking the 7950 .. Or you could go 380X or 390X if you dont want HBM just yet

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No it is not...

No it was not..

Yes it does.. it will bottle neck the card this has been throughly proved and documented. Especially if the game prefers faster single cores over multiple threads man

Also thanks for agreeing on your previous post. Do you not remember what you posted.. LOL?

and yes the Fury X is a great choice for 1440p.. sure its made for 4k but why not have a little extra horsepower

@Zealon care to comment?

Yes the Fury X can handle 1440p just fine and recently got a pretty big boost in a lot of games with the latest AMD drivers.

Not really nice to quote wrongly... The FX bottlenecks the 390 and up... 7950 is basically 280, and the FX don't really bottleneck a 280... May be a little bit in a specific games, but in general, in 9 out of 10 cases there will not be any significantly noticeable bottleneck...

if your going to talk 9 times out of ten intel completely and almost always blows amd COMPLETELY OUT OF THE WATER 9 times out of 10

In general most of AMD's chips are suckish in the market. an i3 or when a 4 core intel can blow an 8 core intel completely out of the water. Its sad pitiful and lame. Its time amd stepped it up which I hope they do with zen

AMD FX 6300 ~= i3-4130T

Thats terrible IMHO

I agree... I don't see how that changes the fact, that 6300 doesn't bottleneck 7950... But it will bottleneck anything over 390...

Ive seen it bottle mid end GPUs.. on stock.. give it an overclock and it may handle ok.. but at stock it will bottleneck and I will always refer to stock speeds regardless of overclock when judging CPUs

However to the OP.. the 7950 is still okay in a lot of games. Save your money.. hold out for a good wholesome upgrade to zen or skylake

I could probably upgrade my CPU, Mobo, and Power supply if i find some good deals tonight/tomorrow

Fury is on sale for $500 (usually $550). That likely wouldn't require a new psu if you stuck with the 6300. Personally, I would grab a Fury, 600-700W psu, and an 8350. Last year, the 8350 was on decent sale for black friday, and you should be fine to just drop that in your mobo and rock.

EDIT: If you have a microcenter nearby, you can grab a 8320 for cheap.

Personally If I was looking at upgrading from a 7950 i'd be looking at a whole system upgrade. the 6300 won't take too kindly to a more powerful GPU and neither will the PSU

Honestly, if it was my system, I would just get a Fury and not touch anything else... May be a new 600-650w psu. Spending money on replacing 6300 with 8320 being the same frequency is pointless, and 8350 is a waste of money. I rather give the money to a nice power supply and freesync monitor rather than upgrading the PSU. Or entirely new system, but Fury would be my choices.

That brings up a good point. A higher res monitor would be a good idea. The Fury makes a great 1440p card and higher res makes the cpu matter less. I bet some freesync 1440p monitors are/will be on sale soon.

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