Upgrade from a 1070Ti, which card?

I am currently using a Zotac 1070Ti in my mini-itx build and would like to upgrade, I play games at 1440p and have an Acer ET322QU with the following specs.

31.5" IPS panel
2560 x 1440 WQHD Resolution
AMD Radeon FreeSync Technology
VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort Inputs
Built in Speakers
Blue Light Shield and Flicker-less Technology
PIP/PBP for multi-tasking
4 ms Response Time

My system has a Ryzen 5 2600X and a B350 motherboard with 16GB DDR4

Budget and country?


Budget $700 CDN
Country - Canada

Which is more appealing?

  1. Ray tracing

  2. FreeSync

Thats a great question, I am not sure as I am currently using my monitor with an Nvidia card and it seems to be working well with that, not sure if I need a Freesync GPU.

I wouldn’t upgrade at all tbh. 1070ti is a recent card and very suitable for 1440p.

I can’t look it up right now, but the monitor may work with Gsync if it’s “gsync compatible”, but typically freesync is for AMD cards.

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Frankly I wouldn’t bother upgrading for 1440p. Your options:

2070S = US$499, Smallish upgrade, ~25-30%
2080S = US$799, we don’t know for sure as still embargoed but probably a 40-45% upgrade
2080ti = US$1199, ~60% upgrade

There are no current AMD GPUs that are an upgrade from a 1070ti. Vega and Radeon 7 are EOL and the 5700XT is a sidegrade.

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Thanks for the advice, I will hold off on upgrading my GPU for now, maybe I will upgrade my router instead.

Yep, I’m in the same spot with a GTX1080. Only meaningful upgrade is a ridiculous $1200.


Yes the prices are pretty crazy, I even looked into used GTX 1080Ti and they are still around $650+

Well the 2070S will give you roughly that level of performance but it won’t be a big upgrade.

1070ti = basically a 1080 minus a bit
2070 = basically a 1080
2070S = basically a 2080 minus a bit
1080ti = 1080 + ~30%
2080 = basically a 1080ti
2080S = probably a 2080 plus a bit

It should be noted that FreeSync works on Nvidia cards now


I know you can force it to work with “uncompatible” freesync monitors as well, but you know, no guarantees there on the experience.

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To be honest it seems to be working well, I have the Pendulum test demo and it looks great.

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Works fine for me but I just leave it off because my 1070 has no problem maintaining vsync at 2k 144hz for most stuff.

I concur no real reason to upgrade.

Isn’t it preferable to vsync?

only if you cant maintain maximum refresh.

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Locked vsync is the best possible experience, but you would need to maintain 144 fps at all times, even in the middle of the largest battles, for that to be the right path. Typically you can only guarantee that in old games or lower refresh rates. I doubt a 2080ti could lock 144 fps at 1440p in many modern games.

Yeah upgrading for a 1070ti seems like an upgrade to upgrade.

Storage would be a better use of money tbh.

Why do you feel you need to upgrade? A goal would help us better answer. 1070ti should be adequite for your setup so do you have a goal in mind? i see that the monitor is 75 hz, so maybe a slight bump might be worthwhile as long as you’re selling the 1070ti to recoup otherwise don’t bother.

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