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Upgrade from 5820k


Hi guys,

I am looking to upgrade my PC soon I have been rocking a 5820k since it was released paired with a 1080ti, looking at upgrading to 9700k, thoughts, will I notice much improvements?

My workflow includes

All aspects of graphic design (cc suite)
Large format photo editing (100mb RAW files and lage TIFFs)
4k Video editing
4K gaming (R6s and some simulator games)

Will be paired with 32gb DDR4

Basically I need you to talk me into upgrading my whole computer xD



zen 2 launches in less than a month and a half…



Especially since you’re using your PC for non-gaming tasks too, I’d recommend Ryzen. (To be honest, I’d recommend Ryzen to gamers as well :wink: )



Sounds like a usecase for a 3900x ($500 + board and keep the rest of the system), I can’t find a worthy second hand cpu deal.



That 9700k won’t have hyperthreading and like the rest of the Intel offerings has taken a serious whack in performance due to Spectre/Meltdown/RIDL/Zombieland mitigations. If you don’t need something next week check the Ryzen 3 releases on July 7th and see what the numbers look like, it may very well be a much better option for you.

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Are Ryzen 2 chips still worth looking at?

TBH will these 16core CPUs even help in premiere etc…?



So I’m guessing you are using Adobe Premiere?

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Indeed, All CC suite



Research Threadripper ( you are talking about 16 cores) as it does not function well with Adobe, not because its a bad product… because Adobe gives no fucks about the performance of AMD with its products.



Wait for benchmarks on the app you want performance from for Ryzen 3000. Looks like AMD have made significant IPC improvements and you’ll get more cores for the money.

Going from a 5820k to a 9700k will be a minimal improvement IMHO.

Right now, i would most definitely wait. And even if Ryzen 3000 turns out to be trash, i still wouldn’t jump to a 9700k unless your 5820k breaks.

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Also because of this… i’d hold off. Adobe is going to be forced to adopt multi-core real soon now or be left behind by others who do. Clock speed is tapped out, we aren’t going any faster, but there are a shitload of cores on offer.

Buying a new PC in 2019 focused on single core performance for Adobe is short sighted at best. IMHO.

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Well yeah kinda depends on how well Adobe is going to improve,
their multi core / thread optimization.
And of course what actual functions he’s going to use.
You could benefit from using the igpu on the 9700k helping with render.

But i agree that i would personally wait and see what Adobe’s improvements are going to be.
Because Ryzen will drop their 3000 series soon, with the 3700X / 3800X 8C / 16T,
could be pretty interesting, if Adobe finaly getting their shit right.



The main thing is that you don’t need to look at HEDT anymore, especially on the AMD side. I would not hold my breath for Adobe to support lots of cores anytime soon and Ryzen will have the 3900X, a 12 core / 24 thread chip for mainstream desktop available very soon. And if the AMD announcement wasn’t a big fat lie into everyone’s face (which I don’t think to be the case) then that same chip should also be faster in single core workloads than a 9900K. One step below the same goes for the 3800X, maybe even the 3700X vs the 9700K.

Also take a look at Infinity Photo just to get an idea how badly Adobe is using hardware. I’m not advertising to switch here, just to fiddle around with it for a moment.



Im really wondering if Adobe is going to do fuck all to make things better. They know a few things:

  1. The people that are serious content creators have money to burn
  2. Item 1 allows them to get beasts of boxes no matter whether its team red or blue
  3. There are content creators who created videos who were like, welp… it doesn’t work well on AMD so I’m switching back to Intel
  4. They know the man hours that will be required to not add features at all but simply make their software work better with significant cores.
  5. They know the cost involved using item 4 to determine resources whether its hiring new people or putting current projects on the back burner.

So now it comes down to with items 1 to 5 considered:

  1. How much heartburn are they willing to take on the interwebs
  2. Are people actually switching away to different software or just switching CPU’s?
  3. What is the AMD market share and does it make it worth it to go after the people that have switched away.

It may take a lot more than a massive Ryzen 3XXX release to get Adobe to move, especially after Ryzen 1/2 and TR releases which hasn’t done much to sway them.



I recently got Affinity Photo after using Affinity Designer for a while. Great software.



I would wait for Zen2 like a lot of people I assume already suggested. The R9 3900X looks like a mighty upgrade from an i7 5820K. But I mean really even the R5 3600 is most likely going to be faster (not by much so I would go at least for an R7 3700X if I was you, but it’s still something).

I may consider going for an R9 3900X myself if I could get the funding to do so, I still need a new laptop first before I bother. Even then I be better off upgrading the GPU first, too bad there isn’t a noteworthy upgrade aside from older discounted GPUs such as a discounted Vega 56 (new or used) or the Pascal GPUs (new or used) at that level of performance.



I am necroing this, but did you decide on the 9700k or to wait for Zen 2/Ryzen 3000?