Upgrade from 1920x to 2990WX

if i upgrade from 1920x to 2990WX is the performance for premiere & after effects worth? does win 11 fix the previews problems that i read in performance?

I’d imagine [some] improvements, regarding the window$ scheduler… Abit not nearly the priority endeavor, that Intel persistent badgering devs and tossing bags of cash, to make their BIG-little architecture, just work off-the-cuff

With that said, it was an early adoption of infinity fabric, so some latency will remain
[Cores from bare die, needing some I/O engagement, off a non-directly tied die]

Adding in core density, will reduce the frequency ceilings [base / boosting]
So if softwares’ process is frequency sensitive, it is losing performance
1 main advantage for Zen+, will be having better memory support

I went from a 1920X myself to the 2970wx and from windows 10 → 11 i did some some perf and stability gains seems that they straightened out the whole NUMA stuff, although did see better IMC and memory support, was able to run my 128gb RAM at 2933 rather than being capped out 2666 that i was on the 1920x, personally unless you can find the 2990wx for a stupidly good deal id just avoid it and see if you can grab something a little more modern.

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Yesterday I was benchmarking a 5950X and it was scoring a bit better than a 2990wx in cinebench, and if the application won’t use all 32 cores then the 5950X will be even further ahead, so if 128GB ram is enough for you I’d switch platforms and sell the one you’re on



Unless you have extreme memory or IO requirements, don’t overlook the AM4 platform. Threadripper 5000 series is hopefully out at some point but the IPC/clock gains on Ryzen 3000 and 5000 vs. Zen+ are no joke. Threadripper 2000 is quite old now and based on Zen+.

You’re looking at almost 50% improvement per core (combined clock + IPC improvements) in 5000 series cores vs. 2000 series, so unless your app is very heavily threaded (and scales with core count perfectly) or you need a lot of RAM or IO you may well be significantly better off with Ryzen 5950x.

Additionally, being a mainstream x570 platform, your board will be probably better tested/less quirks/etc. It will certainly have less scheduler performance problems.

Also as much as it pains me to say it - consider alder lake. I suspect your workload benefits more from IPC than core count beyond 8-16.

That said, if the 2990 is cheap and a direct drop in… maybe that’s a factor. But… maybe you can offload the X399 gear to someone who needs more RAM and IO.

Unfortunately the new Thread ripper platform will be oem only.
So basically no consumer grade HEDT cpu´s and platforms anymore at least from AMD.
Just like Thread ripper pro basically.
Unless they are going to change their strategy once again.