Upgrade for fraps

I have cheap FM2 build, A4 5300 3,4ghz dual core with only 1mb cache, and 8gb 1600mhz ddr3.

I mean, the rig is fine for my own gaming needs.. but i wanna try myself out on youtube and record some gaming stuff. L4D2 while frapsing is 20fps, sometimes less, on medium settings, well i think that's not good enough for viewers to enjoy it, and my mouse feels a little laggy...not even mentioning when gtaV (that i dont like at all, but what the heck) comes out..

As you can probably tell, i have little money to spend, will only a decent graphic card like hd 7770 solve my problems? Or do i also need to buy another cpu? If so...which one that's not an apu, will be good enough on fm2? Or should i need to switch to AM3 and some FX series.


Computer parts are waay more expensive here in croatia, and amazon doesn't ship any single electronic parts over here...but if you know some sites with good prices that can do that, without 60$ shipping, i would love it.

How much of a budget are we looking at for starters?

Well i have 300$, part of that needs to go for a hard drive (i have only 150+80gb and its all full! Just a couple of games and abnormal win7os)

Ok so, changing to AM3+ won't be an option. You're looking at around $80-100 on cpu, $70 on a motherboard, and ~$100 for a decent gpu. That's going eat up the budget already. I agree with you, you'll need a new harddrive. Video files tent to eat space fast. I would recommend getting a western digital blue 1 tb (64 mb cache) or seagate barracuda 1 tb (64 mb cache). Let's go ahead and take 70 away from the budget. 230 left.

Now the cpu will need an upgrade for sure. The A4 is a dual core and that's not going to cut it. You can pick up something like the Athlon II X4 760K it's an FM2 socket cpu so you won't have to replace your motherboard. You will most likely need to update the BIOS to support Richland CPUs before installing this. The 760k sits under 80 so you'll have 150 left.

In the 100 dollar range you'll be looking at the 7770 models of AMD cards. I would try for HIS H777F1G2M which is about 110. This will leave you with a about 40 left over. This should cover any shipping or price spikes you may experience about where you said you live. 

While this setup isn't demanding. I would check your power supply for a 6 pin pci connector for the video card and a total wattage of 350+ watts. 

Aw crap i forgot about power... i have old 180w supply :(

In here 1tb (cheapest) is 100$, 760k 120$, 7770 (cheapest) 150$.

Can you give some links of good dealers you guys buy stuff from so i can check them out?


CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 760K 3.8GHz Quad-Core Processor ($77.00 @ Amazon)

Storage: Seagate Barracuda 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive ($59.98 @ Outlet PC)

Video Card: Asus Radeon HD 7790 1GB Video Card ($113.98 @ Newegg)

Power Supply: XFX ProSeries 450W 80 PLUS Bronze Certified ATX12V / EPS12V Power Supply ($48.33 @ NCIX US)

Total: $299.29

Newegg and amazon are the ones I mainly use. I should be back on tonight and we'll see what we can find in the price range for your country.

Both amazon and newegg ship only inside US  :(

I checked on ebay, prices are a bit more than in croatia + shipping

Maybe it is meant that there would not be any other way from me than to by from my country importers

Is there a link to a site with prices for importation we could look at?

I have a 7770 its okay for playing at decent settings getting around 50-60 fps on bf3 with an a10 6800k at 4.1 ghz but honestly i don't think thats even decent enough for recording

http://www.links.hr/ is awesome store, you can go few bucks cheaper if you order something online, but iv'e allways had major issues with those bastards, every single time, so i pay few extra bucks to buy from links store with no BS and a guarantee .


Dan_mcguv Really? With fraps it should still be more than 35fps... did you try frapsing at high settings? http://www.fraps.com/download.php

Would love if you could check how it runs on ure rig :P

Ok, the estimate on budget you gave me earlier of 300. How does that line up into the prices on this website? 

Hes only recording left for dead 2 it will record fine on that 

Nah i wanna record any types of game, i was just testing fraps on l4d2.


400$ with cheap power supply.

I guess i will buy graphic card, hdd and power supply first, processor later, maybe graphic card price will lower when new amd gpu's come out. But i'm not pretty sure, it is croatia after all.

Well I ment the price conversion on the website is throwing me off.

So I don't think buying a graphics card will help without also buying a cpu. The current one is most likely a bottleneck and even a stronger GPU can't fix a bottleneck. Without extensively redoing your system you could update the BIOS and pop in a Richland A10-6700. Not the 6800 as it would require a power supply upgrade. This one would put it 160 watts which would save you money.

The harddrive I would recommend the WD blue 1 tb

 I am going to guess this has eaten up the 300 budget but if not I would check into an aftermarket cooler for the APU. Nothing big for the aftermarket cooler (15-25 range). AMD gives the same cooler for the A4 as they do the A10 and it's not quite strong enough for A10s.

Uhh i correct myself, its 250w power supply, but even if it was lower why wouldn't it be able to run 100w processor? Without gpu there isn't really other demands for power?

And about prices conversions i misunderstood , 1$ = 5,6kn

I like APU's, but my memory is only 1600mhz (max that A4 could use, my mbo is msi a75 p33 it could take faster memory).

You think performance would be enough for frapsing fine games like bf3 :/    And i would not like to go any further (buying faster ddr3 memory) in the way of apu's on FM2 because i hear soon there will be ddr4 system memory coming out, and fm3 apu's with it... while the good GPU would be timeproof

The motherboard, harddisk, fans, ram, and power out to usb devices all take power. The estimate from pc part picker was over 200 with the 100w edition. Since your psu is 250 watts I'll take that into consideration on the rework.

DDR4 memory so far is just emerging in the Intel Extreme edition brand line. It won't come down to reasonable cost for another ~4 years. 

The main issue is how fraps works. It is not a GPU bound application. It is a CPU bound application and has heavy harddisk usage. You'll want a quad core so it has atleast .5 core to process windows, 1 core for fraps, and 2.5 cores for games. Under ideal cases you'll even want the recording writing to a harddrive not being used to play the game. Since your apu is both the gpu and cpu, unless you can save up and go all out for new psu, cpu, gpu, and hdd, an hdd and better apu is the best in budget solution.

Now I looked up some other solutions that could possibly help. Besides upgrading hardware, fraps saves uncompressed lossless video, you could try a recorder that records compressed lossy video. It will be a small decrease in picture quality of the recording but would result in better performance. Example Bandicam.

Ok, so if I got the price conversion right, It lands fairly close to the 400 budget. If you need to knock the 20 above off then I would take it off the hdd (there was a cheaper 750 gb one) or a cheaper 350w+ psu. 

cpu + gpu path

WD Blue 1 TB      $97.33

Athlon 760K         $121.25

AMD 7750            $135.54

Corsair 430W       $67.86

total $421.98


Bought the 1trb wd blue (i asked the guy what is that green one without speed info, he said it's some slow intel crap that saves power lol i say gimme the blue one), was pretty cheap, works fine, finally some storage :p And bought a good headset with mic, my logitech c920 webcam mic SUCKS. The most expensive webcam out there and mic sucks. Meh.

Soo i was thinking... is there any point in buying cheaper GPU like for example hd 7730 + Athlon 760k? Or am i better off with A10 instead ot that? But because of my 1600mhz memory, better apu processors wont really do much better...i think

Actually what i wanna know is what graphic card should i buy ? Power supply is quite cheap, some LC power is all around our market and said to be reliable and super cheap. I know i know....80+ and all that...but that shit is too expensive, i will take the risk, not once any component i had broke in my life :p (knock konck on a wooden table)