Upgrade for Editing PC?


Right now I have a intel core 2 Duo 6700(OC at 2.7 GHz) 8GB of 500MHz DDR2 (dell?) Ram. For a Graphics card I have a Radeon HD 5570 1GB(Sapphire) back from when it was still called ATI, and for storage I have a couple of Seagate Barracuda 1TBs, and a old 400w power supply by Dynex. I was rendering something in after effects, and I found that a 45 second clip had an ETR of 4 Hours and 37 Minuets. I was surprised, but at the same time I have been itching for an upgrade, and was wondering what I should get. I will be spending $400-500 for the upgrade so I'm not going to be getting the New 4960X. Obviously I will need a new motherboard, and with a new type of DRAM I will need new ram, and with all of that I would like to get a new PSU as I am afraid I am going to burn my house down with my current one. Thanks in advanced!



Here is a sub 500 combo that will make your after effects days a fair bit better. ~ CUDA support, quite a low end cpu but it should see you through. Not sure of your location so its in the US, so add whatever for shipping etc.